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Singapore | 'Int'l Press Conference for Taiwan TV & Cinema'

  • Date:2016-12-07
Singapore | 'Int'l Press Conference for Taiwan TV & Cinema'

The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development held an international press conference in Singapore to promote TV and cinema productions from Taiwan on Dec. 7.

Joined by roughly 100 professionals and reporters, the press conference was presided by Culture Deputy Minister Celest Hsiao-ching Ting (丁曉菁) and representative Huang Jian-liang (黃健良) of the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.

The conference presented Taiwan's outstanding audiovisual works to the 2016 Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) and Screen Singapore, two of Southeast Asia's foremost platforms for seeking co-production opportunities, financing, and deals for producers, filmmakers, and distributors.

A total of six television and cinema crews joined the Taiwan Pavilion to promote their television programs, including "All in 700 (700歲旅程),” "MY Future Boyfriend (我的未來男友),” "Chibi Maruko-chan (櫻桃小丸子),” and "The Incredible Hidden Gems (秘境不思溢),” as well as films such as "Absent Without Leave (不即不離)” and "Packages from Daddy (心靈時鐘).”

The event was also joined by notable Taiwanese celebrities Jessie Chang (張本渝), Dareen Chiu Kai-wei (邱凱偉), Derek Chang (張軒睿), Mandy Wei Man (魏蔓), Lin Hsin-lei (林芯蕾), Marco Liao (廖科溢), and Fann Wong (范文芳), as well as directors Lau Kek-huat (廖克發) and Tsai Yin-chuan (蔡銀娟).

During the fair, Singaporean Minister of State Chee Hong Tat (Ministry of Communication and Information) and Assistant Chief Executive Officer Angeline Poh (Infocomm Media Development Authority) stopped by the Taiwan Pavilion to greet Deputy Minster Ting.

In addition, eight Taiwanese TV dramas - including "The Cat in the Closet (衣櫃裡的貓),” "A Touch of Green (一把青),” "Laugh for 24 Hours (藥笑24小時),” "The Taste of Dang-Liang's Family (党良家之味),” "La Grande Chaumiere Violette (紫色大稻埕),” "The Youth! (谷風少年),” "The Black Box (黑盒子),” and "Sunset (落日)” - were nominated for this year's Asian Television Awards.

"A Touch of Green (一把青)” broke the record by winning awards for five categories encompassing Best Direction, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress in Leading Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Best Theme Song. While Long Shao-hua (龍劭華) from "The Taste of Dang-Liang's Family” won the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Moreover, "The Road to Mandalay (再見瓦城)” was selected to open the 2016 Singapore International Film Festival while "White Ant (白蟻)”was entered in the competition for feature films. "Absent Without Leave” was also included in the festival's Choice Films segment.

This year had again proved Taiwan's ability in producing quality and creative audiovisual works that contain diverse and culturally enriching content. It also proved that Taiwan's audiovisual productions have succeeded in entering Singapore and other Southeast Asian markets.