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Japan | 'Taiwan Culture Month in Tokyo'

  • Date:2016-08-01
Japan | 'Taiwan Culture Month in Tokyo'

As part of the Taiwan Culture Month in Tokyo, award-winning writer Syaman Rapongan (夏曼.藍波安) from Taiwan's indigenous Yami (Tao) tribe and the dance-centered Tsai Jui Yueh Cultural Foundation (財團法人蔡瑞月文化基金會) presented several aspects of Taiwanese culture from July 8 through 10.

Japanese scholar Uozumi Etsuko (魚住悅子) discussed the topic of writing about the island of Taiwan with Syaman Rapongan, whose novels "The Black Wings (黑色的翅膀)” and "Eyes of the Sky (天空的眼睛)” are now available in Japanese. Syaman Rapongan also shared how he integrated his personal experiences into literary works in the July 8 forum.

Syaman Rapongan noted that mainstream Taiwanese literature, such as urban fiction, often fail to mention the forests, oceans, and mountains of Taiwan. As a member of the Yami (Tao), an indigenous tribe dwelling on Taiwan's Orchid Island, Rapongan writes about the culture, life, and customs of the Tao and their relationship with the marine environment.

Tsai Jui-yueh (蔡瑞月, 1921-2005) was a dancer who left a lasting impact on Taiwan's contemporary dance scene. A cultural foundation was established to preserve her legacy, and it presented the story of Tsai through forums and dance performances in Tokyo on July 9 and 10.

Tsai Kun-lin (蔡焜霖) delivered a story of Tsai's life journey as a dancer in pre-war Japan and post-war Taiwan; while poet Li Min-yung (李敏勇) shared how the Tsai Jui Yueh Dance Research Institute stimulates the development of art, culture, and society on Taiwan.

Classic Tsai choreography such as "We Love Taiwan (咱愛咱台灣),” "Song of the India (印度之歌),” and "Puppets Go into Battle (傀儡上陣),” as well as "Rosy Periwinkle (長春花)” choreographed by Tsai's student Ondine Hsiao(蕭渥廷), were presented to show Tsai's spirit. Yu Fang-chih (游芳枝), wife of ROC Representative to Japan Frank Hsieh (謝長廷), also attended the performance series.