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NTSO captivates Thai audience with music

  • Date:2023-12-21
NTSO performed in Thailand

The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO) visited Thailand and performed at the Thai-Chinese International School and Thai-Taiwan (BDI) Technological College in the Samut Prakan province on Nov. 24 and 25. 


In the shows, the NTSO performed classical music pieces such as Mozart’s Nocturne and Taiwan’s classic songs like “Fragrance of the Night (夜來香)” and “The Unforgettable Character (在水一方).” Additionally, local Thai folk bands joined the show by performing rearranged traditional tunes, while the Thai-Chinese International School String Band also collaborated with the NTSO string quartet, creating an ear-catching concert.   


Director Liu Suan-yung (劉玄詠) of NTSO highlighted that Taiwan and Thailand have fostered a long-term cultural exchange, especially in the pop music industry where many musical adaptations have taken place and catchy melodies from both sides have been passed down. NTSO hopes to visit Thailand again and share the beauty of Taiwanese music overseas, he added.