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Kuala Lumpur | 'Tea Philo – Belle Chuang'

  • Date:2017-06-17
Kuala Lumpur | 'Tea Philo – Belle Chuang'

Belle Chuang (莊蕙如), a painter from Taiwan, shared her experience of traveling and painting in Australia and Europe at a Tea Philo salon session held in Malaysia on June 17.

Chuang, who is passionate about painting and traveling, gave up her job as an industrial designer to apply for a working holiday in Australia. However, she became a street artist through serendipitous circumstances and changed her original plans.

Chuang went on to become the first Taiwanese backpacker to travel the whole of Australia by painting her adventures and selling her works on the street.

Later, she traveled to Germany, where she was learning the German language and working as a street artist. However, her trip there did not go smoothly, which prompted her to apply for work elsewhere.

In 2013, Chuang's unique painting style earned her an opportunity to work for MSC Cruises, the world's largest privately owned cruise company, allowing her to continue her adventure as a painter and experience life on the sea.

During her time with MSC Cruises, Chuang toured around in the daytime and painted for travelers at nighttime. She also forged friendships with the crew, and learned about their work on the ship.

Titled "Take the Paintbrush to Travel,” Chuang shared that her two-year backpacking experience has allowed her to learn about foreign cultures and broaden her horizons. It also made her rethink her dreams and future.

During the trip, she also encountered reassuring people who appreciated her talents, noted Chuang, adding that the audiences should try different things and foster new habits to make their lives more colorful.

Co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, Tea Philo is an annual cultural salon program that invites outstanding artists and individuals from Taiwan to host forums in Malaysia.

The next session will feature notable choreographer Benson Tsai (蔡博丞), the artistic director of B. DANCE (丞舞製作團隊) and guest choreographer of Cloud Gate 2, to share his experiences and offer dance tutorials next month.