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Malaysia | 'Tea Philo - Jou Yi-cheng'

  • Date:2017-05-25
Malaysia | 'Tea Philo - Jou Yi-cheng'

Representative Chang Chi-ping (章計平) of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia opened the first session of the "Tea Philo” salon series in Kuala Lumpur on April 30.

"Tea Philo - A Salon Gathering in Malaysia” is an ongoing series promoting cultural exchanges by inviting outstanding Taiwanese groups or individuals to explore and share ideas on a range of art, culture, and philosophy-related topics with Malaysian professionals from different fields over a tea-drinking session.

The first session was hosted by Chief Executive Officer Tan Ah Chai (陳亞才) of the KL& Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, with Jou Yi-cheng (周奕成), a Taiwanese entrepreneur and representative of SEDAI GROUP, giving a talk titled "Commercial Revitalization and Cultural Renaissance of Historic Street Districts.”

Jou discussed how major historical events from the 1920s affected people around the world, and shared his experience in the incubation and management of public spaces in Taipei's historic Dadaocheng district.

While exploring how to revitalize historic street districts in urban cities, Jou noted that during the collaborative process between old and new industries and businesses, historic streets become infused with new energy and gradually develop into new industrial settlements, which give such districts a new cultural landscape and charisma.

The session had brought together roughly one hundred Malaysian professionals working in the arts, culture, community empowerment, architectural design, and event curation who also engage in reviving historic districts.

The audience responded positively to Jou's Dadaocheng experience, which was presented to inspire and provide hope and references for the operation and management of such street districts in Malaysia.

The "Tea Philo” salon series will run through November with different speakers to sharing different ideas every month.