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Taiwanese artist Su Hui-yu’s film screened in Berlin’s transmediale 2024

  • Date:2024-03-01
German art festival to feature Taiwanese artist Su Hui-yu

Taiwanese new media artist Su Hui-yu’s (蘇匯宇) film “Future Shock (未來的衝擊-永恆的消逝) was featured in the transmedia art festival “transmediale 2024.” The festival took place in Berlin from Jan. 31 to Feb. 4.


Transmediale is an annual festival and a platform for critical reflection on cultural transformation from a post-digital perspective, organizing events such as forums, exhibitions, screenings, and concerts. For over thirty years, it has been one of the leading international events in the field of digital art and culture. 


“Future Shock” is made with Su Hui-yu’s iconic re-shooting method, adding new scenes to supplement his eponymous short film in 2019. By doing so, he aims to break the boundaries of concepts like recording, plot, experiment, and documentary, and connect the collective memories of Taiwanese society. The film raised extensive discussion in the 2023 Golden Horse Awards.