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Bilingual program for showcasing Taiwan’s performing arts

  • Date:2020-06-08
Bilingual program for showcasing Taiwan’s performing arts

In collaboration with the J.F. Koo Foundation, the Ministry of Culture initiated the "TaiwanEYE Online Showcase" project to help promote 10 Taiwanese performing arts troupes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital program debuted on June 8 and remains available throughout August on TaiwanEYE's YouTube channel for both Taiwanese and global viewers.

Rich in experiences of performing abroad for international audiences, the 10 featured groups and their productions are:

"The Drought Goddess Dream of the World" by La Cie MaxMind

"Passage to Lo-jin" by Gang-a-tsui Theater

"Lotus Lantern" by Taipei Li-Yuan Peking Opera Theatre

"Soft Lights for Sleepless Nights" by Riverbed Theatre

"FreeSteps–NiNi" by HORSE

"Ice Age" by Resident Island Dance Theatre

"Terrace on the Hill" by TAI Body Theatre

"LUNA" by Bulareyaung Dance Company

"Lunar Halo" by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

"O-KAI a cappella — The Purest Voice from Taiwan" by O-KAI Singers

The "TaiwanEYE Online Showcase" is inspired by the "2020 Taipei Congress" that was originally scheduled for June, but canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak that disrupted international travel and led nations to impose strict border controls.

The International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) transferred its flagship program "Pitch New Works" online to accommodate 10 multidisciplinary performance projects from Taiwan, Asia, and the globe this month. Following suit, the Ministry of Culture and J.F. Koo Foundation re-envisioned the "Taipei Congress" programs as the "TaiwanEYE Online Showcase."

Ranging from traditional opera, experimental theater, and contemporary dance to a cappella, the 10 featured productions represent the diverse art forms and excellent creativity of Taiwan. The first six were part of ISPA's "Pitch New Works" program, whereas the latter four shows were originally reserved for the now-cancelled Taipei Congress.

Even though physical events and programs have been effectively shut down by the coronavirus, technology-driven outreach initiatives and cultural exchanges around the world have yet to halt, which speak volumes about the importance of performance arts.

‘TaiwanEYE Online Showcase’
Date: June 8 – Aug. 31, 2020