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Wu Chien-Hsing's solo exhibition "New York New Yorker"

  • Date:2022-07-08
Wu Chien-Hsing's solo exhibition 'New York New Yorker'

Artist Wu Chien-Hsing (吳建興), who is completing his residency in New York, collaborated with curator Chou Pin-Hsin (周品妡) to showcase Wu's "New York New Yorker" painting series from June 16 to 19. Wu and Chou worked with shops in Dumbo to exhibit artworks painted using motor oil on their windows. The series conveyed Wu's commitment to his concept of "Creating on the street, presenting on the street."

Wu chose to present the streets of New York in the form of a painting, and street views were reconstructed according to Wu's personal observations and aesthetics. In particular, he wished to make the artwork blend in with the neighborhood rather than a more traditional setting. The art was therefore seen at locations such as RAPT STUDIO, Ornar, 68 Jay Street Bar, Thea Grant, EdBesong, and Wicked Scents Dumbo.

During his residency at the Triangle Arts Association, Wu has been using motor oil as art material to finish one of his projects in New York. Motor oil not only showcases unique textures and strokes but also fades as time goes on, resulting in an evolving final product in which only the scent of oil will eventually remain.

Wu's earliest motor oil portraits were developed from family photos to depict his own family. As the artist accumulated more life experiences, including his time in New York, his work gradually incorporated a wider array of subjects from different corners of the world. Wu's latest series, "New York New Yorker," is a result of his observations of the streets of New York, as his depictions present a glimpse into the nature of urban sights. Wu’s work causes the audience to ponder connections between people and their environment, capturing a feeling of serendipity while showing the diversity and charisma of New York.