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LA residency program bolsters film industry's ties between Taiwan and US

  • Date:2023-04-11
LA residency program bolsters film industry's ties between Taiwan and US

As part of a residency exchange program launched by the Taiwan Academy of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Los Angeles, 15 Taiwanese film industry professionals arrived in L.A. on February 26. During their five-day stay, the residents had the chance to network with Hollywood filmmakers, tour film and TV production studios, and visit the headquarters of the streaming giant Netflix.

In the first three days of the exchange program, the participants took part in workshops launched by Film Independent, the organizer of the Independent Spirit Awards. The activities, including tours of studios as well as visits to Netflix headquarters and equipment companies, were held during the last two days and were arranged by Iris Wu (吳采頤), the Taiwanese founder of Los Angeles-based sound company Ambidio.

Wu, who was appointed as a committee member of the Scientific and Technical Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year, highlighted that Japanese and Korean film professionals in Hollywood often collaborate closely. She expressed her hope that through this program, Taiwanese and American film industry professionals will be able to work together, forming a stronger alliance to tell Taiwan's stories to the world.

Taiwanese director Wesley Ko (柯泓志) shared that the program provided him with the opportunity to meet many seasoned Hollywood filmmakers and screenwriters. Moreover, it offered him a valuable glimpse into the competitive US film industry.

Tsai Tsung-han (蔡宗翰), a Golden Horse Award winner and script supervisor at DaMou Entertainment, noted that the most impressive aspect of America's film industry was its emphasis on communication and teamwork.

Head of the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles Chien Teh-yuan (簡德源) pointed out that every resident brought their own pieces to engage with experienced Hollywood professionals. In the workshops, they gained valuable skills in proposal writing, funding research, film exhibition participation, and more. These skills will enable Taiwan's film industry to enhance its connections with the American market, paving the way for future success.