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Taiwanese album design teams nominated for the 66th Grammy Awards

  • Date:2024-02-22
Taiwanese album design teams nominated for the 66th Grammy Awards

Two album design teams from Taiwan received nominations for the Best Recording Package at the 66th Grammy Awards. The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles hosted a press conference on Feb. 2 to introduce the nominated teams: Chang Yu-chung (張育鐘), Li Jheng-han (李政瀚), and Yu Wei (于薇), who designed Leaf Yeh’s (葉穎) Hakka album “Migration (遷徙)”; and Cheng Hsing-hui (鄭星慧), who designed Ensemble Cadenza 21 (即興貳拾壹樂團)’s self-titled album.


Chien Teh-yuan (簡德源), head of the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, extended congratulations to the nominated teams. He remarked that the album designs from Taiwan had successfully made an impression at the Grammy Awards, one of the world’s most prestigious music accolades, underlining the international recognition of Taiwan’s soft power.


At the 64th Grammy Awards, Li Jheng-han and Yu Wei won Best Recording Package. This time around, they teamed up with designer Chang Yu-chung to infuse their work with an allegory emphasizing the significance of patience and communication, which listeners will uncover by engaging with the corresponding track. 


Cheng Hsing-hui, renowned for her distinctive paper sculptures, boasts nominations for various awards in the U.S., the U.K., and Singapore. To showcase Ensemble Cadenza 21’s musical improvisation, she integrated the elements from multiple musical instruments into a paper binding structure, presenting world music’s modernity through her design aesthetics.