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京劇Beijing (Peking) Opera
二人轉Benbeng Opera (Erh Jen Chuan)
佛教儀式音樂Buddhist Ritual Music
粵戲Cantonese Opera
儒教音樂Confucian Ritual Music
洞經音樂Dongjing Music
高甲戲Kaochia Opera
河北梆子Hebei Bangzi
梨園戲Liyuan Opera
閩戲Min Opera
十二木卡姆On Ikki Muqam
秦腔Shaanxi Opera
越劇Shaoxing Opera
川劇Sichuan Opera
臺灣說唱音樂Taiwan Narrative Music (Taiwan Speech-and-Song Music)
臺灣民謠Taiwanese Folk Songs
歌仔戲Taiwanese Opera
道教儀式音樂Taoist Ritual Music
採茶戲Tea-picking Opera
潮劇Teochew Opera
藏族音樂Tibetan Music
國樂Traditional Chinese Music
豫劇Yuju Opera
行當Traditional roles
 丑 Chou / jester
  末  Mo / scatterbrained elder
  文丑  Wen Chou / clown / flawed character
  武丑  Wu Chou / acrobatic jester
 旦 Dan / female role
  彩旦  Cai Dan / female jester
  刀馬旦  Daoma Dan / female warrior / general
  花旦  Hua Dan / young female
  老旦  Lao Dan / older female
  青衣  Qing Yi / virtuous lady (usually the protagonist
  武旦  Wu Dan / female fighter / assassin / demoness
 淨 Jing / strong male role (face painted to show force of character
  文淨  Wen Jing / mature male character
  武淨  Wu Jing / confrontational male character
 生 Sheng / male lead
  老生  Lao Sheng / dignified male (over 40 years old)
  娃娃生  Wa Wa Sheng / child (under 14)
  武生  Wu Sheng / noble hero
  小生  Xiao Sheng / young male lead (beardless)
 雜 Za / miscellaneous roles
  龍套  Lung Tao / crowd, army (played by groups of 4)
黑 / 粗Black / rough, uncultured
綠 / 邪Green / sinister, diabolical
紅 / 義Red / loyal, honest
To fight
To walk
To recite
To sing
著名作品Popular Pieces
 十面埋伏 Ambush from All Sides
 塞上曲 At The Northern Frontier Fortress
 漢宮秋月 Autumn Moon over Han Palace
 月圓花好 Beautiful Flower on a Full Moon
 靈山梵音 Buddhist Music in the Spiritual Mountain
 彩雲追月 Colored Cloud Chasing the Moon
 彝族舞曲 Dance of the Yi People
 瑤族舞曲 Dance of the Yao People
漁樵問答Dialogue between the Fisherman and the Woodcutter
胡笳十八拍Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute
飛花點翠Floating Petals
夕陽簫鼓Flutes and Drums at Dusk
唐山過台灣無半點錢From Tang Mountain to Taiwan Without Any Money
喜洋洋Great Happiness
廣陵散Guangling Melody
奉勸世間客家人Hakkas of the World
高山流水High Mountains and Flowering Water
賽馬Horse Racing
百鳥朝鳳Hundred Birds Pay Homage to Phoenix
剎猛打拼Hunting and Working Hard
茉莉花Jasmine Flower
正正當當作一個良善的人Make Your Hearts Right
潯陽月夜Moonlit Night at Xunyang
魚舟唱晚Night Song of the Fisherman
鷓鴣飛Patridge in Flight
陽關三疊Parting at Yang Guan Pass
鳳凰展翅Phoenix Spreading Their Wings
耕山耕田Plowing the Mountains and the Fields
梅花三弄Plum Bloosom Melodies
病中吟Recitation in Illness
春江花月夜Spring Flowers on Moonlit River
姑蘇行Suzhou Travel
將軍令The General's Command
月兒高The Moon Aloft
二泉映月The Moon Mirrored in the Erquan Pool
紫竹調The Purple Bamboo Tune
陽春白雪White Snow in Early Spring
金蛇狂舞Wild Dance of the Golden Snake
平沙落雁Wild Geese Descending on the Sandbank
布袋戲Glove puppetry
操偶藝師puppet master
布袋戲流派Schools of budaixi
 北管布袋戲 Beiguan
 潮調布袋戲 Chaodiao
 歌仔調布袋戲 Gezaixi
 南管布袋戲 Nanguan
 外江布袋戲 Waijiang
著名布袋戲操偶師Notable Taiwanese puppeteers
 鍾任祥 Chung Jen-hsiang
  新興閣掌中劇團  Hsin Hsing Ku Puppet Show Troupe
 李天祿 Lee Tien-lu
  李天祿布袋戲文物館  Lee Tien-lu Hand Puppet Museum
  亦宛然掌中劇團  I Wan Jan Puppet Theater
  小宛然劇團  Theatre du Petit Miroir
  「戲夢人生」  The Puppetmaster
 許王 Hsu Wang
  小西園掌中劇團  Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater
  小西園木偶藝術工作室  Studio of Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppetry Art
 黃海岱 Huang Hai-dai
  忠勇孝義傳  Anthology of the Loyal, Brave, Filial, and Righteous
  五洲園掌中劇團  Wu Chou Yuan Puppet Theater
  雲林虎尾布袋戲館  Yunlin Glove Puppetry Museum
  黃俊雄  Huang Chun-hsiung
  金光戲  Golden Light Puppetry (Jinguang-style Puppetry)
  史艷文  Shih Yan-wen
  藏鏡人  The Man in the Mirror
  「雲州大儒俠」  The Great Martial Artist of Yunchou
  黃強華  Huang Chiang-hua
  黃文擇  Huang Wen-tse
  霹靂布袋戲  Pili-style Glove Puppetry (Pili Puppetry)
  素還真  So Hoan-chin (Su Huan-jen)
  黑白郎君  The Man with the Ying-Yang Face
  獨眼龍  The One-eyed Dragon
客家戲Hakka opera
Also known as: Hakka tea-picking opera
三腳採茶戲Hakka tea-picking trio opera
small-scale opera featuring three characters (two actresses, one clown)
客家大戲grand Hakka opera
large-scale opera with ensemble of characters and sophisticated storyline
音樂元素Musical variations
 亂彈 luantan
 四平 siping
 外江 waijiang
客家戲代表性團隊Representative groups
 榮興客家採茶劇團 Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe
  鄭榮興  Cheng Jung-hsing
  鄭美妹  Cheng Mei-mei
  《緣訂三生》  《A Fated Love Affair》
  《賢女勸夫》  《Exhortations from a Virtuous Wife to Her Husband》
  《糶酒》  《Flirtation at a Public House》
  《霸王虞姬》  《Hegemon-King of Western Chu and Consort Yu》
崑劇Also known as:Kunju
 十四世紀 Fourteen century
 江蘇省 Jiangsu Province
 崑山 Kunshan
ban (wooden clappers)
bo (cymbals)
大鑼daluo (big gong)
笛子dizi (horizontal bamboo flute)
二胡erhu (two-stringed fiddle)
三弦sanxian (a three-stringed lute)
小鑼xiaoluo (small gong)
混合曲 (集成曲)medley
音樂表演musical recital
詩文朗誦poetry recital
特定唱法stylistic singing
崑曲代表性團隊Representative groups
 二分之一Q劇場 1/2 Q Theater
  戴君芳  Dai Jun-fang
  楊汗如  Yang Han-ru
  《小船幻想詩》  《Boat Fantasy for Mona Lisa》
  《亂紅》  《Peach Blossom Rain》
  《戀戀南柯》  《Nanke Story》
  《柳.夢.梅》  《Willow Dreams of Plum》
 蘭庭崑劇團 Lanting Kun Opera Troupe
  蕭本耀  Xiao Ben-yao
  王志萍  Wang Zhi-ping
  《蘭庭六記》  《Six Legends of Lanting》
  《玉簪記》  《The Jade Hairpin》
  《獅吼記》  《The Lion's Roar》
  《長生殿》  《The Palace of Eternal Life》
 臺灣崑劇團 Taiwan Kunqu Opera Theatre
  《蝶夢蓬萊》  《Butterflies of Penglai》
  《范蠡與西施》  《Fan Li and Xi Shi》
  《風箏誤》  《Kite Romance》
  《荊釵記》  《The Wooden Hairpin》
崑曲代表性作品Representative plays
 《竇娥冤》 《The Injustice Done to Dou E》
  關漢卿  Author: Guan Hanqing
 《桃花扇》 《The Peach Blossom Fan》
  孔尚任  Author: Kong Shangren
 《牡丹亭》 《The Peony Pavilion》
  湯顯祖  Author: Tang Xianzu
 《白蛇傳》 《The White Snake ("Madame White Snake")》
  馮夢龍  Author: Feng Menglong
京劇Peking Opera
京劇化妝及配件Accessories & makeup
彩妝face paint
髯口fake beard (comes in white, grey, and black)
貼片hair attachments
勒頭head binding (to raise the position of eyebrows)
靴鞋heeled boots
kao (battle armor)
靠旗kao qi (battle flags)
盔頭hui tou (headgear)
mang (formal wear for nobility)
pei (casual clothing with flowing sleeves for nobility)
zhe (casual clothing for peasants)
京劇臉譜Face-painting patterns
著色方式Application types
揉臉to paint one's face (used for powerful or respected roles)
勾臉to decorate one's face (used for colorful, glamorous types)
抹臉to mask one's face (used for slay or villainous types)
臉譜Face types
歪臉asymmetrical face (for morally inappropriate behavior)
十字門臉crucifix face (for heroic figures)
破臉disfigured face (for personality or physical defects)
整臉full face (symmetrical pattern to represent good morale)
老臉old face (for elderly figures)
碎臉patchwork face (intricate face for courageous figures)
意象臉symbolic face (for mythological creatures and ghosts)
三塊瓦tri-colored face (for vivid characters)
粉白奸臉powder-white face (for ruthless and sly figures)
京劇道具Traditional props (Qimo)
日常生活用具Lifestyle props
酒杯wine cup
表現特定環境的道具Props for signifying settings
窯門chair as an oven door
石墩chair as stone columns
水井chair as a water well
布城drapes symbolizing city gates (literally "city made of cloth")
守舊wall tapestry (to separate the front and back stages)
雲片cloud flag (to represent the weather)
門旗door flag (to represent entrances)
火旗fire flag (to represent fire)
水旗water flag (to represent rivers or lakes)
風旗wind flag (to represent storms)
一桌二椅one table, two chairs (generic setting)
table as a bed
餐桌table as a dining table
靈堂table as a funeral altar
山崗table as a mountain
交通工具Transportation props
馬鞭horse whip (to represent riding a horse)
船槳oar (to represent rowing a boat)
轎帘sedan chair (to represent a carriage)
車旗vehicle flag (to represent moving vehicles)
諸葛弩repeating crossbow
broadsword, saber
八卦刀Bagua broadsword
蝴蝶雙刀butterfly sword
苗刀Chinese long saber
鴛鴦鉞crescent moon knives
柳葉刀Liuyedao, willow-leaf saber
樸刀Pudao, horse-cutter sword
斬馬刀single-bladed, anti-cavalry sword
tiger hook sword
雁毛刀Yanmadao, goose-quill saber
九節鞭chain whip
流星錘meteor hammer
三截棍Sanjiegun, coiling dragon staff
rod, staff
Chinese halberd
Chinese mace
月牙鏟monk's spade
short rod
風火輪wind-and-fire wheels
京劇代表性團隊Representative groups
 當代傳奇劇場 Contemporary Legend Theatre
  吳興國  Wu Hsing-kuo
  《李爾在此》  《King Lear》
  《樓蘭女》  《Medea》
  《慾望城國》  《The Kingdom of Desire》
  《等待果陀》  《Waiting for Godot》
 國光劇團 GuoGuang Opera Company
  李小平  Lee Xiao-ping
  魏海敏  Wei Hai-min
  《水袖與胭脂》⫸ "Flowing Sleeves and Rouge"
  《艷后和她小丑們》⫸ "Cleopatra and Her Fools"
  《孟小冬》⫸ "Meng Xiaodong
  《百年戲樓》⫸ "One Hundred Years on Stage"
 國立臺灣戲曲學院京劇團 Jing-Ju Opera Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts
  侯剛本  Hou Kang-pen
  《闇河渡》  《Ghostdom River》
  《竹籔中》  《In a Grove (Yabu no Naka)》
  《羅生門》  《Rashomon》
  《八月雪》  《Snow in August》
歌仔戲Taiwanese opera
歌仔ballad (ditty)
車鼓戲cart drum opera
反串cross-dressed performers
白話劇vernacular opera
女性角色female roles
老婆 / 老旦elder female figure
彩旦 / 三八female jester
小旦female lead
妖婦female villain
苦旦sorrowful female character
副旦 / 花旦primary supporting actress
三花third supporting actress
男性角色male roles
小丑male jester
反生male lead
武生martial artist
副生supporting actor
樂器musical instruments
京胡Chinese mandolin
古箏Chinese zither
拍板 (檀板)clappers (pl.)
cymbals (pl.)
笛子dizhi (Chinese flute)
嗩吶suona (horn)
水袖water sleeves (pl.)
代表性人物Representative figures
  廖瓊枝  Liao Chiung-chih
  孫翠鳳  Sun Cui-feng
  楊麗花  Yang Li-hua
 春美歌劇團 Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe
  郭春美  Kuo Chun-mei
  《青春美夢》  《A Beautiful Dream of Youth》
  《變心》  《Heart Off》
  《將軍寇》  《Switch》
 財團法人廖瓊枝歌仔戲文教基金會 Liao Chiung-chih Taiwanese Opera Foundation for Culture and Education
  廖瓊枝  Liao Chiung-chih
  《火燒紅蓮寺》  《The Burning of Red Lotus Temple》
  《王寶釧》  《Wang Bao-chuan》
  《王魁負桂英》  《Wang Kuei's Betrayal of Guei-ying》
 明華園戲劇團 Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Cultural Group
  陳明吉  Chen Ming-ji
  《蓬萊大仙》  《Grand Immortal of Penglai》
  《濟公活佛之雪狐情》  《JiGong, the Living Buddha: Enchanted Snow Fox》
  《何仙姑》  《Lotus Lady Fairy: He Xiangu》
 秀琴歌劇團 ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe
  張秀琴  Zhang Xiu-qin
  《范蠡獻西施》  《Beauty Trap》
  《大唐風雲》  《Legend of Tang Dynasty》
  《安平追想曲》  《Romance of Anping》
 唐美雲歌仔戲團 Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company
  唐美雲  Tang Mei-yun
  《仁者無仇》  《Deathless Beauty》
  《添燈記》  《Love on Pregnancy》
  《燕歌行》  《Who is My Bride?》
豫劇Yu opera
河南梆子Also known as: Henan Bangzi Opera
「四功五法」The Four Skills and Five Techniques of Chinese Opera
四功The Four Skills
to sing
to recite
to pose
打 (舞)to fight (dance)
五法The Five Techniques
hands (to gesture)
eyes (to convey emotion)
body (for different postures)
feet (for different strides)
stage rules (of Yu opera)
唱腔Tune Types
高調Kao tune
沙河調Shahe tune
祥符調Xiangfu tune
豫東調Yudong tune (comedy)
豫西調Yuxi tune (tragedy)
豫劇代表性團隊Representative groups
 臺灣豫劇團 Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company
  王海玲  Wang Hai-ling
  《約/束》  《Bonds》
  《劉姥姥》  《Granny Liu》
  《天問》  《Questioning Heaven》
  《花嫁巫娘》  《The Sorceress Bride》
  《美人尖 》  《The Widow's Peak》
  《巾幗.華麗緣》  《Women Are Renamed》
  《朝陽溝》  《Chaoyang Valley》
  楊蘭春  Scripwriter: Yang Lanchun
  《穆桂英挂帥》  《Mu Guiying Takes Command》
  馬金鳳  Author: Ma Jinfeng
豫劇代表性作品Representative plays
  《花木蘭》  《Mulan》
  《金鎖記》  《The Golden Cangue》
  《七品芝麻官》  《The Lowly Bureaucrat》