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Emerging and contemporary Taiwanese art showcased at Melbourne Fringe

  • Date:2020-11-12~2020-11-29
Emerging and contemporary Taiwanese art showcased at Melbourne Fringe

Now in its 38th year, Melbourne Fringe Festival, one of the largest independent art festivals in Australia, will kick off from Nov. 12 through 29, with a signature event themed "Fringe Focus Taiwan." 

The festival selected three performances from Taiwanese artists "Something About Skin," "Transhumanism: A Fair," and "Is(o)Land Bar: Cloud – Guest/Voyeur," which will be performed online. Additionally, there will be a panel discussion with participating artists, hosted by festival creative director Simon Abrahams.

"Something About Skin" is by Taiwanese choreographers and dancers Lee Tsung-Hsuan (李宗軒) and Chang Chien-hao (張堅豪), a spectacular bold dance piece live streamed through the eyes of a camera on a robotic vacuum. An exploration of physical movement and touch, which are core to human interaction and performances, translated through a lens.

"Transhumanism: A Fair," created and performed by Sean Chou (周瑞祥) in association with Chen Yu-dien (陳煜典), and Wei Wang (王磑), is a mind-expanding show featuring conversation, hypnosis, illusion, mind-bending games, and body manipulation to explore the viewers’ cognitive and physical potential.

"Is(o)Land Bar: Cloud – Guest/Voyeur," brought by Taiwanese producer Kao Yi-kai, is an interactive performance inviting viewers to join artists Huang Ding-Yun (黃鼎云, Taiwan), Tora Che-pin Hsu (許哲彬, Taiwan), Yu Cheng-Ta (余政達, Taiwan), Russ Ligtas (the Philippines), and Henry Tan (Thailand) for a virtual drinking date.

The viewers would have a digital intimate conversation with the artists and may experience a tarot reading, group meditation, or delve into a conversation discussing deep personal truths.

Bringing together some of the most emerging and contemporary Taiwanese artists, Fringe Focus Taiwan invites viewers to explore the richness of the artworks by these inspiring creators, directly from the comforts of their homes.
Fringe Focus Taiwan, a collaboration between Melbourne Fringe and the Ministry of Culture, is a coming-together that transcends borders, in a time where social distancing, travel bans, and lockdowns keeps everyone further apart than ever, remarked the festival website.

Each event has limited sessions, and all events are free, but require online registration. For more information, please check out Melbourne Fringe Festival website and Facebook page.