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"Fictional Garden: TAIWAN HOUSE" exhibition displays in Kyoto

  • Date:2021-10-23~2021-11-07
'Fictional Garden: TAIWAN HOUSE' exhibition displays in Kyoto

As part of the Taiwan-Japan cultural exchange event, Taiwan NOW, the "Fictional Garden: TAIWAN HOUSE (未來之花見:TAIWAN HOUSE)" exhibition, reinterpreted by eight preeminent Taiwanese creators and 10 classic design cases, makes its second stop at the Terminal KYOTO, a Japanese traditional machiya-style house, from Oct. 23 to Nov. 7.

Organized by the Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs, executed by the Taiwan Design Research Institute, and curated by consulting firms Plan b and Double-Grass, the exhibition takes the image of Taiwan's wild garden as its design inspiration, and demonstrates the great importance of environmental awareness in Taiwan, which amazes the Japanese people. The flower is employed in the exhibition as the symbol for friendship between two countries.

Participants include emerging craft designer Chang Chia-ling (張家翎), floral designer Liao Hao-Jhe (廖浩哲), artist Mia Liu (劉文瑄), graphic designer An Yen (顏宏安), design teams JoeFang Studio (究方社), PiliWu-Design (無氏製作), and fashion brands ANGUS CHIANG, Melted potato, and so on.

The exhibition consists of Taiwan's three design spirits, including "resource integration," "social application," and "response to the times." Furthermore, the exclusive scent of Taoyuan International Airport that represents Taiwan is fused in the venue, so as to break free from the spatial limit, offer love and blessings to each other in this feast of Fictional Garden.

New works made of sustainable, circular materials and classical designs are used to showcase the spirits and cultural contents of Taiwanese design. It is hoped that Japanese audiences can make unique impressions of Taiwan through the exhibition and further learn the different aspects of the country.

For more information, please visit the Taiwan NOW's website.