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Taiwanese artist’s installation showcased in Italian museum

  • Date:2023-11-04~2024-06-02
Taiwanese artist Lee Ming-wei (left 2) and officials from the TRO in Italy

Taiwanese artist Lee Ming-wei’s (李明維) art installation “Le son de la pierre (石之聲)” is currently on display in the exhibition themed “Contemporary Expressions” at the Museum of Oriental Art (MAO) in Turin, Italy. Supported by the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office (TRO) in Italy, this artwork is set to be exhibited until June. 2, 2024, bringing a new artistic experience to the Italian audience. 


For this multi-year residency project, MAO invited four renowned international artists to create new works: “Le son de la pierre” by Lee Ming-wei, “Flying Kodama” by Kengo Kuma, “The Snake Ritual” by Marzia Migliora, and “Gigli, cinghiali, qualche carpa e poi conigli, galline e asini in gran quantità” by Francesco Simeti. Besides, Lee also had an opportunity to collaborate with Italian ceramic artist Davide Gatti, which signifies the perfect blend of contemporary art practice and cross-cultural dialogue between Taiwan and Italy. 


Lee’s installation utilizes a ceramic disc, stone, and granite stand as metaphors for human inertia and potential for change. He said, “The idea was to use these simple but symbolic objects to create a powerful, transformative experience. The ceramic disk represents the immobility of our lives. The little stone represents the potential for change. The moment we realise our lives are stalled, it’s time to act. With a strong hand, the ceramic disk breaks into a thousand pieces, freeing our stagnant emotions. This breaking point is a moment of lucidity, an opportunity to free ourselves from the rigid shell that was holding us back.”


Davide Quadrio, the curator of the exhibition and the director of MAO, said that this project has been in the works since 2022 and four new site-specific installations have come into fruition for the 30th Artissima Exhibition of MAO. He added that the artists showcased their unique artistic interpretations and narrative perspectives in this exhibition, fitting the theme of “Contemporary Expressions.”


The Cultural Division of the TRO in Italy pointed out that following the positive response to Lee’s “Sonic Blossom” in May, they continued the partnership with MAO to invite Lee and three other international artists to join the residency project. They hope that this exhibition will inspire and spread positivity to the Italian society, which is in need of revitalization after the epidemic and in the midst of the turbulence of the war in Europe.


For more information on this exhibition, please visit MAO’s website: