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Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris launches TAIWAN POP-IN AVIGNON

  • Date:2021-07-05~2021-07-31
Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris launches TAIWAN POP-IN AVIGNON

The Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris launched "TAIWAN POP-IN AVIGNON" online to present Taiwanese team interviews, work excerpts, and cooperation between colleagues amid the pandemic, in addition to observations and comments of theater professionals and art reporters on the participation of the Taiwanese teams in the Festival OFFd'Avignon as part of the Avignon Festival from July 5 to July 31.

The two units included in the "TAIWAN POP-IN AVIGNON" are an "Annual Teams Introductions" and the film "Taiwan – French Arts and Cultural Screening."

The former unit presents the four teams that were originally invited to the art festival last year but were forced to cancel due to the ongoing pandemic, including La Cie MaxMind (拾念劇集), Hung Dance (翃舞製作), Resident Island Dance Theatre (滯留島舞蹈劇場), and Contemporary Legend Theatre (興傳奇青年劇場). Through the production of team videos and conversations, as well as creative highlights and other content, it will allow the audience to better understand the creative concepts and development of each group.

"Taiwan – French Arts and Cultural Screening" is aimed to maintain the link between Taiwan and the Avignon Festival, which combined reporting and production, and invited international theater professionals and art reporters to participate and share observations. The film invited four teams that have previously participated in the art festival and have been co-operating across groups at home and abroad since the outbreak of the pandemic, including Theatre De La Sardine (沙丁龐客劇團), Jin Kwei Lo Puppetry Company (真快樂掌中劇團), Tjimur Dance Theatre (蒂摩爾舞蹈劇場), and B.Dance (丞舞製作團隊).

On one hand, it echoes the spirit of mutual support and cooperative partnership advertised by the art festival; on the other hand, it stimulates reflection and discusses the impact of the pandemic.

Founded in 1947, "Avignon Festival" is held annually in the French city of Avignon every summer in July in the courtyard of the Palais des Papes, as well as other locations of the city. It is a month-long event dedicated to all elements of performing arts, including parades, theaters, concerts, storytelling, and circus routines.

For more information on the events, please visit TAIWAN POP-IN AVIGNON's website.