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Taiwanese queer novelist Chi Ta-wei invited to join French literary festival

  • Date:2023-03-02~2023-03-05
Taiwanese queer novelist Chi Ta-wei invited to join French literary festival

Following the release of his French-translated novel "The Pearls (珍珠)," Taiwanese author Chi Ta-wei (紀大偉) has been invited to hold meet-and-greet sessions at the 2023 edition of Atlantide, a literary festival in Nantes, from March 2 to 5, where he will share his creative process of writing a book. This is Chi's first visit to France since the launch of the book.

In order to facilitate greater interaction between readers and the author, the Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris, in collaboration with L'Asiathèque, will organize three rounds of meet-and-greet sessions, which are scheduled to take place on Feb. 25, 28, and March 1, prior to the start of the festival.

Chi Ta-wei is a science fiction author who explores queer themes in his writing and is known for his critical and humorous approach. One of his notable works is "The Membranes (膜)," a 1995 science fiction book that delves into various topics including film, theater, sociology, literature, and philosophy. This book is considered a significant contribution to Taiwanese queer literature. In 2015, the French publishing house L'Asiathèque published this book, and subsequently, it also published a collection of short stories titled "The Pearls" in 2020. The collection explores the phenomenon of overabundance in a technological society and identity issues.

The Atlantide Festival, established in 2013, is a renowned literary event in France. The annual four-day event invites around 50 authors from around the world to participate. Over 60 activities are held during the festival, providing a platform for invited authors to share their perspectives on contemporary social issues from various angles.