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Joint exhibition in New York features Taiwanese female artists

  • Date:2023-10-07~2024-01-12
Joint exhibition in New York features Taiwanese female artists

Curated by Taiwanese curator and writer Alice Ko Nien-Pu (柯念璞) and hosted by Brooklyn Rail Curatorial Projects, the contemporary art exhibition titled “Singing in Unison, Part 8: Between Waves,” opening on Oct. 7, is taking place at Industry City in Brooklyn through Jan. 12, 2024.


With the support from the Taipei Cultural Center in New York and Brooklyn Rail, "Between Waves" showcases the works of seventeen artists from Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Borneo, Jeju Island, the Hawaiian Islands, Samoa, and New Zealand. Among them are five distinguished female artists from Taiwan – Chang En-man (張恩滿), Chen Yin-ju (陳瀅如), Liu Yu (劉玗), Su Yu-hsin (蘇郁心), and Wang Hong-kai (王虹凱). 


Focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, "Between Waves" draws inspiration from its diverse histories, oceanic myths, stories, and the shared political traumas stemming from colonialism, the Cold War, militarism, warfare, and ecological challenges. The exhibition implements the coexistence of traditional and modern thinking as responses to growing geopolitical tensions and conflicting social values.


The opening night on Oct. 7 attracted more than 100 attendees, including sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard, NYU Professor of Fine Arts Alexander Nagel, filmmaker Ericka Beckman, artist Raymond Foye, poet Carmen Gimenez, and others.


Brooklyn Rail is an independent journal for arts, culture, and politics from New York. The organization also actively works on art exhibitions, panel discussions, reading series, and film screenings. "Between Waves" marks the 8th installment of the ongoing "Singing in Unison" series, initiated by Brooklyn Rail Curatorial Projects since 2022. 


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