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Artist Chang Wen-woan selected for Triangle Arts Association’s residency in New York

  • Date:2024-03-01~2024-05-31
Artist Chang Wen-woan

The Taiwanese artist Chang Wen-woan (張文菀) has been chosen to take part in the residency program offered by the Triangle Arts Association (TAA). Chang will be traveling to New York City in the U.S. this March for the three-month-long program, where she will exchange experiences and collaborate with international artists and institutions.


Established in 1982, TAA is recognized as one of the esteemed art residency organizations in New York. Participating artists are provided with a workspace of approximately 16.5 square meters, specifically catering to those who require larger space, and they benefit from professional guidance provided by the association.


Chang’s work focuses on sculptures. The appropriation of art history, in Chang’s artistic practice, is to explore the reflexive relation between personal life and art. She challenges the usual way of seeing and sparks conceptual dialectics with her sense of humor to reflect and rethink the conception of art and the quotidian life.