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George Town | ‘Of the Past, In the Present, For the Future’

  • Date:2018-07-10
George Town | ‘Of the Past, In the Present, For the Future’

The Bureau of Cultural Heritage joined Malaysian heritage hub George Town's 10th anniversary celebrations of the city's recognition as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in a series of events from July 7 through 10.

Under the theme "Potential Of the Past, In the Present, For the Future," the events aimed to promote cultural exchanges and deepen collaboration between George Town and international communities while celebrating the city’s rich and diverse heritage.

Upon invitation by George Town World Heritage Incorporated, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage organized a showcase of Taiwan's intangible cultural assets including traditional performing arts and traditional crafts to celebrate the occasion.

Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company (唐美雲歌仔戲團), an innovative Taiwanese opera troupe rooted in tradition, staged three performances of "Fan Li-hua and Hsueh Ting-shan (樊梨花與薛丁山)" and "Fated Mistakes (花田錯)" at two Penang venues.

At the George Town Heritage Celebration Street Festival, rush weaver Cheng Mei-yu (鄭梅玉), printmaker Yang Yong-chih (楊永智), and Paiwan artisan Angkil (江雅蕾) joined local community workshops to showcase Taiwan's culture through traditional crafts.

The three artisans hosted three demonstration sessions to help participants experience and learn about Taiwan’s traditional rush weaving, printmaking, and indigenous glass-beading.

The program brought by the Bureau this time helped members of the local public experience the diversity and vitality of Taiwan's intangible cultural heritage as well as deepen exchanges and friendship between Taiwan and Malaysia.

Last year, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage held the first "Taiwan's Cultural Heritage Overseas Exhibition (Pameran Warisan Budaya Taiwan)" in George Town, which successfully introduced and promoted Taiwan's culture by presenting Taiwanese opera and glove puppet performances as well as Atayal weaving, paper mache, and woodcarving techniques.

In addition, the exchange event prompted the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Bureau and George Town World Heritage Incorporated this January, paving the way towards more collaboration in preserving and safeguarding cultural heritage.

An exhibition on the art of repairing traditional architecture and the Taiwanese artisans tasked with such specialized restorations is also slated to take place at Penang's George Town from July 6 through 25.