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Hong Kong

  • Date:2017-03-28
Hong Kong

Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center

The Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center is Taiwan's cultural hub in Hong Kong. It showcases Taiwanese culture and shares life values and the cultural phenomena of Taiwan that are trend-setting, unique, and creative.

Kwang Hwa also serves as the matchmaking center and service platform for the cultural communities of Taiwan and Hong Kong. It promotes interaction among artists, cultural industries, and market representatives while acknowledging the cultural differences between the two sides. Moreover, Kwang Hwa helps to establish mutually beneficial strategies to forge stronger cultural links between Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Kwang Hwa organizes a broad range of cultural salons and activities. It initiates cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Hong Kong through cooperation with local communities and artists.

Past Events


November 2019 | Taiwan Arts Festival in Hong Kong

Together Taiwan: 2019 Taiwan Arts Festival in Hong Kong

July 2019 | Talks a la Taiwan

Taiwan’s cultural professionals to hold free salon talks in HK

April 2019 | Taiwan Festival in Macau


March 2019 | Hong Kong FILMART

Over 60 Taiwan audiovisual companies to attend HK FILMART

October 2018 | A Journey of Nostalgia 

HK retrospective to pay tribute to photographer Chang Chao-tang

October 2018 | Hybrid Taiwan

Hybrid Taiwan

July 2018 | Talks a la Taiwan

Taiwan cultural professionals to give talks in Hong Kong

April 2018 | Breeze of Taiwan

Taiwan-themed arts fest to bring music, literature to Macau

February 2018 | Tale of Three Cities

Paiwan dance troupe to showcase the beauty of Taitung in HK

October 2017 | Taiwan Culture Festival

Taiwan Culture Festival

January 2017 | Taiwan New Wave Cinema

Taiwan New Wave Cinema

Taiwan New Wave CinemaTaiwan New Wave Cinema

December 2016 | Made in Taiwan: Art of Commercials

Made in Taiwan: Art of Commercials

January 2016 | The Inspired Island II

The Inspired Island
The Inspired Island

June 2015 | Taiwan Week in Macau

Taiwan Week in Macau

March 2015 | Talks a la Taiwan

Talks a la Taiwan