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New York

  • Date:2017-04-25
New York

Taipei Cultural Center in New York

The Cultural Center plays a significant role in enhancing Taiwan's international image and promoting cultural exchanges. The New York office is used as an outpost for promoting understanding of Taiwan's culture and arts in North America.

The strategic plans of the Cultural Center are to cooperate with important North American performance organizations; invite Taiwan's performance and visual artists to New York and North America to perform, exhibit, or serveresidency; to enhance Taiwan's presence in the arts festivals of North America; and to increase international visibility of Taiwan's culture and arts.

By using culture and arts as communication channels, Taiwan is able to boost mutual understanding and appreciation in culture and arts, as well asstrengthen its friendship with the United States and Canada.

  • Phone: 002-1-646-790-3019
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: 0021-212-697-6303

Past Events

January 2024 | International Society for the Performing Arts Congress
Huang Yi Studio

October 2023 | Brooklyn Rail Curatorial Projects
Joint exhibition in New York features Taiwanese female artists

September 2023 | Transcendental Visions
'Transcendental Visions Ko Si-Chi's Art Works' on display in NYC