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  • This website is based on the design principle of accessibility and uses keyboard shortcuts to strengthen the browsing convenience Layout is divided in 3 areas:
  • 1. the main menu zone at the top、2. the content zone at the center、3. the related information zone at the bottom
  • The following keys are set as the Access keys ( or speed keys) of this website.:
  • Alt+U:Upper block, containing the links to the services of this site, search box, font size setting and versions of this site.
    Alt+C:Main content area shows the content of each page.
    Alt+Z:Bottom Link area.
    Si su navegador es Firefox, las teclas de acceso rápido o de atajo de teclado será Shift+Alt+(tecla de acceso rápido o atajo). Por ejemplo, Shift+Alt+C le llevará al bloque central de la página web, y así sucesivamente.