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ISSUE #168
Four Taiwanese groups are performing at the 2016 OFF Festival d'Avignon under the theme 'Vibrant Arts' to celebrate Taiwan's tenth year of participation in the festival.
The exhibition is part of the Post-Ecolonialism Project, an artist movement aimed at repopulating mountains with native plants after Typhoon Morakot ravaged Taiwan.
A rare glimpse of the weaving of Taiwan's indigenous peoples is being offered by a special exhibition running at the International Museum of Art & Science in Texas.
'Extrastellar Evaluations,' a series of works inspired by the lost continent of Lemuria by Taiwanese artist Chen Yin-ju, is currently running at the 2016 Liverpool Biennale.
'Re: Made in Taiwan' at the 15th Venice Biennale delves into the eco-friendly aspirations and civic possibilities imbued in ordinary buildings and venues.
Ministry Updates
Taipei book expo embraces five policy changes
The 2017 Taipei International Book Exhibition will implement five major policy changes to offer a more wholesome environment for both vendors and visitors.
Taichung Theater grand opening set for September
The National Taichung Theater, a world-class performance venue designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, will have its grand opening on Sept. 30.
2016 Golden Tripod Awards winners
Here are the laureates of the 40th Golden Tripod Awards, a prestigious award in recognition of local publishing achievements.
Cultural Features
Although a degenerative eye disease known as Retinitis pigmentosa rendered him blind, Huang Yu-siang overcame many obstacles and became a successful actor and composer whose music has appeared both live and on screen.
Musician | Huang Yu-siang
Chang Cheng is an independent media worker and a long-time advocate for Southeast Asian immigrants in Taiwan. He believes that all ethnic and cultural groups have the right to read and the right to access literature written in their own language.
Cultural Advocate | Chang Cheng
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