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Local cultural museums are renovated historic buildings that now serve as venues for preserving, showcasing and sharing the region's unique cultural heritage.

Policies & Initiatives

Supervision of the Local Cultural Museums Project falls under the Ministry's Department of Cultural Resources, whose top priorities include:

  • Preserving local buildings of historic importance.
  • Advocating for sustainable management of cultural assets.
  • Encouraging community participation.
  • Redistributing resources among cities and the countryside.

The four stages of the Local Cultural Museums Project are:

  • To expand the nation's cultural infrastructure by establishing local cultural museums.
  • To transform local cultural museums into multi-functional art venues.
  • To create a cultural living zone surrounding the local museum that will enable cultural exchanges and bolster living standards.
  • To attract the cooperation of local governmental agencies, businesses and artisan associations in preserving traditional heritage and promoting regional cultural vitality.

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