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The Mongolian and Tibetan Cultural Center aspires to support the development of Mongolian and Tibetan cultures, service related communities in Taiwan and facilitate their cultural festivals, academic exchanges, and social empowerment. This is also part of efforts to support Taiwan's flourishing diversity.

Key Initiatives

1. Promote Mongolian and Tibetan cultures:
By holding arts and cultural events to celebrate and preserve Mongolian and Tibetan cultures, and distributing cultural publications and promotional materials to engage the public.

2. Serve as an educational hub of Mongolian and Tibetan affairs:
By managing exhibitions, talks, and workshops on Mongolian and Tibetan cultures, striving for the preservation of related historical documents and artifacts, and managing digital archives and the revitalization of assets.

3. Spearhead cultural exchanges among Taiwan and Mongolian and Tibetan communities:
By enhancing bilateral exchanges in areas such as culture, academics, and education.

4. Care for unprivileged Mongolian and Tibetan groups:
By rendering care and guidance to Mongolian and Tibetan people living in Taiwan, helping them adapt to life in Taiwan, and providing assistance via national social welfare networks.

5. Offer humanitarian aid to overseas Mongolian and Tibetan communities:
By bringing together domestic and foreign non-governmental aid organizations, training volunteers to work with Mongolian and Tibetan youths, and integrating public and private resources to implement humanitarian aid projects.

Global Exchanges

1. Partnerships among Taiwan and Mongolian and Tibetan communities:
The Center invites outstanding cultural groups or individuals from Mongolian communities in the greater Euroasia region — such as Kalmykia, Tuva, and Buryatia — to visit Taiwan and promote cultural equality and facilitate bilateral understanding.

2. Tibetan Culture and Art Festival and other cultural initiatives:
The annual Tibetan Culture and Art Festival series is a national program that is promoted by the Tourism Bureau as one of the unmissable events for local and international tourists alike. The festival serves as a networking platform for Tibetan communities, institutes, groups, and cultural professionals from Taiwan and abroad while also enriching the pool of Tibetan cultural resources in Taiwan.

3. Youth volunteers and outreach programs:
The Center hopes to launch a comprehensive system for cultivating volunteers to service Mongolian and Tibetan communities by holding youth training camps and collaborating with non-governmental organizations and other interested parties. Participants will help contribute to the development of overseas Mongolian and Tibetan communities and add to Taiwan's humanitarian outreach experience.