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Looking for more information on Taiwan's cultural and creative resources? Here are some English-language websites affiliated with the Ministry of Culture.

Books From Taiwan

Books from Taiwan is a new initiative funded by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture to introduce a select list of titles, ranging from fiction, non-fiction, children's books and comics, to foreign publishers and readers alike. On this website you will find information about authors and books, along with who to contact in order to license translation rights. All titles featured are eligible for the Translation Grants Program, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan.

Fresh Taiwan

Serving as an intersection between Eastern and Western countries, Taiwan has combined a flourishing manufacturing industry with high-tech products. Exceptional Taiwanese creative brands selected by Fresh Taiwan are ready to participate in exhibitions after carefully considering many aspects, such as culture, creativity, and marketing of their products. Fresh Taiwan provides the latest marketing information on the cultural and creative industries of Taiwan.

Taipei International Book Exhibition

Established in 1987, the Taipei International Book Exhibition is Asia's most-established book fair and ranks fourth by size worldwide. Recent additions to the annual book-centric festivities include AR products and a deeper emphasis on independent publications and original materials from Taiwan. The 2018 edition saw a total of 530,000 visitors and 684 publishers from 60 nations. 

Taiwan Cinema

The Taiwan Cinema website provides information about Taiwan-related films, film professionals, film companies, new releases, and upcoming events in Taiwan and abroad. We also provide assistance to all those who seek to film in Taiwan. From pre-production and production to post-production and marketing, the Taiwan Cinema website can provide key contacts to professionals working in the Taiwan film industry. Contact us at for more information.

Taiwan Docs

By providing the latest news about Taiwanese documentary films at international film festivals, and status updates about projects in the development and production phase, Taiwan Docs assumes an active role in the promotion and liaison for overseas markets, and strives for opportunities to participate in international cultural events, film sales, and multinational co-productionsIt also serves as a platform bridging local filmmakers and the global stage.

Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute (TFAI)

Taiwan Film Institute (TFI) is a foundation set up by the Ministry of Culture in 2014. It was upgraded from the Chinese Taipei Film Archive (CTFA), which had thirty-four years of history. TFI now shoulders the important tasks of domestic film restoration and education as well as the worldwide promotion of Taiwan cinema and documentaries. Among its recently restored titles are King Hu's "Dragon Inn" (1967) and "A Touch of Zen" (1970). 

Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TCCA)

Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) was established in 2019, with the aim to construct an ecosystem for the nation's original content creators and providers. TAICCA will integrate Taiwan's cultural, technological, and economic strengths as an independent administrative corporation supported by the government, and serve as an intermediary organization that will help the creative sector draw investment and capital from private sectors and global players, and shape Taiwan national cultural brand.