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As educational institutions that preserve and promote all facets of a nation's legacy, museums play an integral role in strengthening cultural identity and distributing educational materials. Therefore, the Ministry remains dedicated to:

  • Implementing projects that promote the integration of resources, especially among regional museums and local cultural centers;
  • Rewarding museum programs that reflect a high level of innovation in fields such as promoting regional tourism or local heritages;
  • Facilitating activities that strengthen international and cross-strait museum exchanges, especially in the areas of collection loans, joint research exhibitions, and co-publishing projects;
  • Training new museum personnel in museum management, exhibition organization, public relations, and marketing;
  • Subsidizing museum programs that assist or promote marginalized groups such as Taiwanese aborigines, new immigrants, and ethnic minorities, or those that highlight gender equality and human rights issues.

The Ministry's Museum Funding Program offers subsidies for:
  • Activities that strengthen international and cross-strait cultural exchanges among museums;
  • Projects that promote the integration of museum resources, especially among local establishments;
  • Marketing endeavors that help to promote the nation's museums both locally and overseas;
  • Museum programs that receive Ministry approval for their high level of innovation and integration;
  • Initiatives that support equal cultural rights.

Cultural Exchange Subsidies
The Ministry subsidizes local museum representatives in attending global conferences, seminars, exhibitions and annual meetings hosted by international museum associations or networks.

Other cultural exchange subsidies are aimed at promoting cross-strait museum ties such as collection loans, joint research or exhibitions and publishing projects that are conducted on the basis of equality and reciprocity between museums on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Marketing Subsidies
Museums located in the same region can receive funding for banding together and jointly promoting their museums. A single museum can also receive Ministry funding if it adopts the local cultural heritage and helps to promote regional tourism.

Equality Promotion Subsidies
The Ministry awards subsidies to museum programs that assist or promote marginalized groups such as Taiwanese aborigines, new immigrants and ethnic minorities. Museum programs that highlight gender equality and human rights issues are also welcomed to apply.

Participation in international exchange activities has enhanced the Taiwanese people's knowledge of worldwide cultural heritage preservation and maintenance. Conversely, these events help the international community to better understand the steps taken by Taiwan to preserve and elevate its own cultural heritage and assets.

Some of these measures include celebrating Cultural Heritage Day and International Museum Day in conjunction with the rest of the world, establishing bilateral or multilateral cooperation plans to share preservation experiences and techniques, hosting academic seminars and requesting foreign advice on the current cultural heritage preservation environment in Taiwan.

The Ministry hopes that these international exchange activities will not only help local citizens to better understand the current development of cultural heritage preservation in the world, but also help the international community know more about Taiwan's precious cultural heritage and its bid to share its cultural wealth with the world.