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The foundation of the cultural and creative industries is rooted in the nation's culture. The development of the cultural economy must be centered on cultural content, and as such, the Ministry of Culture is committed to the creation of an environment conducive to the development of an industrial ecosystem that can boost the cultural economy. Into the future, the Ministry will continue to work with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency on the creation of production systems, a robust cultural financing system, the fostering of innovative entrepreneurship, and the development of market channels both at home and abroad, employing a "national team" concept to bring together resources and create a Taiwanese cultural brand that can drive cultural economic development. To promote the development of the cultural and creative industries, the Ministry organizes mentoring, brings in diverse investment and financing, holds the Creative Expo Taiwan, leads industry teams to major international expos, and works across agencies on the Cross-Industry Fashion Integration Flagship Project.

Key Initiatives

1. Promote Cultural and Creative Industries Mentorships and Diverse Investment and Funding Services

By providing guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries through a comprehensive suite of services to foster talent and encourage the development of cultural content. At the same time, using the National Development Fund to bolster investment in these industries and provide interest subsidies for financing loans, the Ministry helps entrepreneurs meet their financial needs, while continuing to study the mechanisms needed to create a robust financing system.

2. Support the Cluster Effect and the Development of Local Specializations

Through encouraging management, artists, and creators to join cultural and creative parks across Taiwan. The Ministry fosters clusters that help showcase the unique properties of locales around the nation, and promoting the development of such clusters has the additional effect of strengthening their productive and supportive synergies.

3. Coordinate the Cross-Industry Fashion Integration Flagship Project

By harnessing the resources of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and other agencies around Taiwanese designers and branding events. The Ministry is creating a culturally identifiably Taiwanese fashion brand and an ecosystem of cross-industry digital applications that will help the nation export its "Taiwan lifestyle."

Global Exchanges

1. "Fresh Taiwan" Pavilion 

Since 2012, the Ministry has led Taiwanese design brands under the "Fresh Taiwan" banner into the international market, not only coalescing their creative energies and linking government and private resources to help them gain a stable foothold in the global marketplace, but also enabling "Fresh Taiwan" to become the standard-bearer for Taiwanese cultural soft power.

This project has provided guidance in the development of some 350 representative Taiwanese design brand channels on globally, as well as leading entrepreneurs in participation in 37 of the biggest design shows in the world, including Maison et Objet Paris, NY NOW, Frankfurt’s Ambiente, Tokyo International Gift Show, STYLE Bangkok, Licensing Japan, Hong Kong International Licensing Show, China International Licensing Expo, and the Licensing Show in Las Vegas.

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2. Creative Expo Taiwan

Creative Expo Taiwan is an exposition held each year with a concept show at Huashan 1914 Creative Park and trade shows at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Taipei Expo Park's Expo Dome. Those involved in both the branding and sales of cultural and creative products are invited to participate and buyers from abroad visit, helping Taiwan's cultural and creative brands get international exposure. In addition, the Talent 100 section showcases international rising stars, with the best from around the world invited to engage with counterparts in Taiwan.

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The Ministry of Culture-led "Fresh Taiwan" project was launched in 2012 to become the kind of backup designers dream of, helping Taiwanese brands take off globally and shine in international exhibitions and trade shows, and taking orders to new heights.

Every year, the project chooses around 20 outstanding cultural and creative brands to promote in the European, American, and Southeast Asian markets, including — to substantial success — the Ambiente international consumer goods show in Frankfurt; the New York home, lifestyle, and gift show NY NOW in August; and the Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair in October. 

The Fresh Taiwan trademark was approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in July 2018 and stands to become the international symbol of Taiwanese design and quality. The project is partnering for the first time with the National Palace Museum, with Fresh Taiwan creators working with the museum to develop co-branded products to be sold at the world-renowned institution. The NPM has also provided Fresh Taiwan participants with a small amount of funding in hopes of fostering potential joint creative endeavors and translating cultural heritage into commercial value.

With its new focus on museums as a potential sales channel, Fresh Taiwan is also visiting well-known museums around the world, with aims to negotiate with them to get top Taiwan-designed products in front of both the general public and visiting travelers from around the globe.

To aid Taiwan's cultural and creative industries in expanding market access domestically and globally, every year since 2010 the Ministry has organized Creative Expo Taiwan (formerly named the International Cultural and Creative Industry Exposition, ICCIE).

As a cultural and creative industry exhibition expansion platform, Creative Expo Taiwan helps Taiwan's industry stakeholders to interact with international ones, creating business opportunities for cooperation and trade.

The Ministry uses "Household items and gifts," "Museum products," "Cultural and creative exhibitions," and other similar ideas to invite retail channel contact, agents, and other types of international buyers and curators to participate in expositions.

In addition to helping cultural and creative industry parties to accumulate experience in market expansion and exports, in the long term the creative expo will help Taiwan establish channels for international interaction within the cultural and creative industry, thus improving Taiwan's output and internationalization.

Moreover, to facilitate medium-, small-, and even micro-industry actors to enter international markets, the Ministry uses the imagery of Taiwan and each year selects and collects outstanding works and people from the cultural and creative fields to participate in exhibitions in Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong and other international destinations.

Arrangements are also made for participants with merchandise, boutique, retail and other channels as well as organizing partnerships, aiding industry expansion in overseas networks, and expanding the scale of Taiwan's local market.

In 2018, 559 companies from 23 countries participated, with 250 events held across three venues. More than 300,000 members of the public joined in as well, and the event generated some NT$600 million in financial value.

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