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A nation's social and economic development is driven by its cultural qualities, knowledge, and creative synergy. The Ministry of Culture aspires to enhance the public knowledge of and appreciation for culture through programs promoting the humanities, the use and acceptance of multilingualism, and the habit of reading.

Key Initiatives

1. Enhance the spread of humanities knowledge:
By training specialists for the coordination, organization, and promotion of knowledge pertaining to history, philosophy, and the social sciences.

2. Safeguard the national languages of Taiwan:
By scheduling regular committee meetings on the development of national languages, publishing reports on nationwide progress and challenges, and drafting policies for the implementation of the National Languages Development Act ratified in December 2018.

3. Promote the habit of reading:
By partaking in World Book Day, supporting the development of digital reading platforms and independent brick-and-mortar bookstores, subsidizing regional literature festivals and reading programs, organizing the Taipei International Book Exhibition, curating a website on children's books, recommending books for kid and youth readers, and driving a new wave of poetic renaissance through residency programs and writing workshops.

Global Exchanges

The Taipei International Book Exhibition facilitates international literary exchanges, publishing trade and networks, and appreciation for reading on the highest level as Taiwan’s largest annual publishing affair as well as one of Asia’s most established book fairs.