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ISSUE #125
The “Taipei-Penang Connection” was established to commemorate artist Huang Guan-yu (1981-2015), the late founder of Taiwan-based Lyric’s Studio.
Photographer Huang Shih-shang, GuoGuang Opera Company, and XinXin Nanguan Ensemble are presenting the beauty of Taiwan's traditional arts in Malaysia.
Four Taiwanese sound artists are performing at the City Sonic festival in Mons, the European Capital of Culture for 2015.
Taiwanese artist Chen Ying-jung is presenting her latest work ― “Trick of Goblin” ― at the 2015 International Computer Music Conference in Texas.
Filmoteca Espana is holding a retrospective festival on Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien to honor his achievements in advancing the domain of film.
Ministry Updates
Common Taiwan architecture to take Venice spotlight
The proposal “Taiwan Remake – Common Buildings” has been selected to represent Taiwan at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennial.
Taipei to host global museum conference in October
The Taipei-based National Taiwan Museum will host the 2015 annual conference of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History (ICOM-NATHIST) in October.
All the World's a Stage: Shakespeare in Taiwan
The National Museum of Taiwan Literature and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust have teamed up to present an exhibition on William Shakespeare’s legacy – his life and identity, the literary merits of his works, and his cultural influence on Taiwan.
Cultural Features
The 33rd National Cultural Award-winning author is widely seen as one of the most intuitive and lyrical writers in contemporary Chinese literature.
Writer | Pai Hsien-yung
U-Theatre is a unique performance group in Taiwan known for its combination of theater arts and drumming. Its performers are given strict training in martial arts, Tai Chi, percussion, and meditation.
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