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ISSUE #423
Casino Luxemburg is hosting a multimedia Taiwanese exhibition titled "Elysium" to provide an objective look at the religious absurdities that are ravaging East Asia.
Three women artists from Taiwan are featured by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film's annual summer exhibition in France.
Quai Branly Museum spotlights traditional Taiwanese culture by examining the longstanding practice of burning paper offerings for loved ones in the afterlife.
The "Tattoo COLOR, Tattoo HONOR" exhibition at Museum Siam spotlights the facial and body tattoos of the Taiwanese indigenous Atayal and Paiwan tribes.
Art Bank Taiwan has partnered up with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Holy See for a special light-themed art show.
Ministry Updates
Three artisans honored as living national treasures
Lin Zhu-an, Hung Ping-shun, and Li Ping-kuei received a certificate that recognizes them as important preservers of Taiwan's traditional performing arts and craftsmanship from Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chiun.
Certified craft workshops now eligible for tourist road signs
Taiwanese artisans certified by the "Taiwan Crafts Workshop" program are now encouraged to apply with local authorities for tourist road signs leading to their workshops.
Minister pays tribute to Yunlin’s intangible folk heritage
Qianshuizhuang means "drawing spirits out of the water" and the one held in Yunlin's Kouhu Township is the largest ceremony of its kind in Taiwan. Most importantly, this is the only folk festival that ensued from a historical disaster.
Lin Hwai-min acknowledged for ‘irrigating the land with art’
Ahead of Cloud Gate patriarch Lin Hwai-min's year-end retirement, Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chiun offered her highest tribute to Lin for his many years of "irrigating the land and the souls of its people with art."
Cultural Features
Hsing Legend Theatre is a newly launched Peking opera troupe founded by a group of young opera lovers from the well-established Contemporary Legend Theatre to promote the beauty of traditional theatrical arts.
Hsing Legend Theatre
Based on the core belief that "where there are lives, there are bodies; where there are bodies, there are movements," Dua Shin Te Production emphasizes seeking new approaches to body utilization through self-awareness.
Dua Shin Te Production
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