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ISSUE #198
'Elsewhere is Nowhere,' an international joint exhibition curated by Taiwanese and German artists, is on view at Vienna's Kunsthalle Exnergasse (KEX).
'Europe Connexion,' a play featuring Taiwan's Party Theatre Group and French group Cie du Veilleur, is on a three-month tour of several French cities.
'Reading Taiwan' is organized by the Taiwan Academy in LA to introduce modern Taiwan classics through screenings of literature-adapted films and academic talks.
The colorful menagerie sprung from the fertile imagination of artist Hung Yi has taken up residence at New York City's Garment District in Midtown Manhattan.
The Central Naval Museum in St Petersburg is showcasing a collection of historic documents & photos that juxtapose Taiwan in the 1870s with its contemporary visage.
'Mode in Taiwan,' a fashion exhibition featuring 75 works by 3 London-based Taiwanese designers, is being held at the Calais Lace Museum in northern France.
Ministry Updates
MOU signed for joint preservation of railway culture
The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Transportation and Communication will work together to activate and transform the Taipei Railway Workshop into a museum park with educational, cultural, and sightseeing functions.
Literature museum launches sign-language app guide
To make the arts more accessible to hearing-impaired exhibitiongoers, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature has introduced a new feature to its mobile application – 'Permanent Exhibition Sign-Language Guide.'
Taiwan documentary wins Berlinale's Teddy Award
'Small Talk,' a documentary directed by Taiwan's Huang Hui-chen, has won the top prize for best documentary at the 2017 Teddy Awards, which honors films with queer themes at Germany's Berlinale.
NMTH to offer exhibitions, forums commemorating 228
In remembrance of the 70th anniversary of the February 28 Incident, the National Museum of Taiwan History in Tainan will remain open during the four-day weekend and hold a series of commemorative activities during the 228 Peace Memorial Day.
Cultural Features
Presenting traditional Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hakka music with modern techniques, era-defining composer Lai Deh-ho espouses the idea of 'Chinese composition, Chinese choreography, and Chinese dance for the greater Chinese community.'
Composer | Lai Deh-ho
Ara Kimbo is a leading figure in the development of campus ballads and the indigenous rights movement in Taiwan, having lobbied for the aboriginal name rectification campaign and the return of indigenous lands.
Puyama-Paiwan Musician | Ara Kimbo
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