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ISSUE #527
Taiwan's Ju Percussion Group will use technology and digital resources to jointly hold "Percussion Series Live Concert" on three Friday evenings – July 16, July 23, and August 6 revolving around the main theme of "World Gathering" from five countries across different time zones in an online conference room of 100 people.
"Lan Hao-Lun & Luca Bonaccorsi: 9,663," a cross-country new media interdisciplinary exhibition organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts which uses new media audiovisual technology to present two windows in connecting scenes of daily life in Taiwan and Italy, will take place in the multiple screens area of NTMoFA from July 13 to August 15.
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency collaborated to launch "Taiwan Audio Comic Expo" from July 1 to August 20, featuring a collection of colorful illustrations by Taiwanese comic artists in addition to short films of original Taiwanese manga works accompanied by audio.
Ministry Updates
MOC launches first forum of national languages convention
The Ministry of Culture has invited the Ministry of Education, the Hakka Affairs Council, and the Council of Indigenous Peoples to jointly organize the "2021 National Language Development Convention" of which eight forums are slated to be held online with the official conference expected to be held in mid-September.
MOC launches special Indigenous Peoples
The Ministry of Culture launched a special exhibition on August 1 at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall titled "ita/kita collective strength, we!" to commemorate Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples' Day, inviting multi-ethnic artists to participate in the exhibition in hopes of highlighting the diversity of indigenous cultures, and their multifaceted cultural history.
New prizewinners of GMA for Traditional Arts and Music
The 32nd Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music announced a total of 91 shortlisted artists and 43 works of which the special awards will be given to late founder of Four Seas Record Publishing Co. Liao Chien-yuan and Taiwanese opera performer Liao Chiung-chih in an awards ceremony at the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center on Oct. 9.
Cultural Features
Yao Chun-yao first came to public attention for his performance in the 2010 film "Au Revoir Taipei," later going on to host the long-running travel show "Stories in Taiwan," which earned him the award for Best Host of a Travel Program at the 51st Golden Bell Awards. Despite this success, though, Yao remained determined to make it as an actor, continuing the hard work of building a name for himself in that regard for a decade before finally being recognized for it at the Golden Bell Awards in 2020.
Actor | Yao Chun-yao
Yu Kuo-hsin's reading experience planted a seed in his heart, ultimately inspiring him to found Hoanya Books in 1999, a store that sells books on the land, history, environment, society, and culture of Taiwan, as well as to seriously consider the possibility of books as a conduit for social movements. In 2007, Yu was awarded the Ministry of Education's 2007 Social Education and Public Welfare Award for running a social movements-focused bookstore, giving free lectures, creating a non-mainstream arts and culture platform for the Yunnan-Chiayi-Tainan region, as well as initiating and planning a variety of arts and cultural events.
Hoanya Books and Yu Kuo-hsin
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