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ISSUE #118
The Valencia exhibition — “Elogio de la Cultura: El arte de la cerámica taiwanesa pintada” — offers in-depth knowledge of Taiwanese ceramic art from its inception to its present form.
'Micro Micro Revolution' consists of 3 socially engaged art projects from Taiwan: 'A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek,' 'Plant-Matter Needed: The Material World of the Riverbank Amis Tribe 2015,' and '500 Lemon Trees.'
Taiwan is offering two programs at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe – 'Taiwan Season' comprising Tjimur Dance Theatre, Puppet Beings Theatre, and Formosa Circus Art – and 'Island Voices' represented by TAI Body Theatre.
The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles is offering an admission-free screening series that will showcase nine films depicting the fearless aspects of Taiwan's culture. Each film will be accompanied by a post-screening discussion session.
Public art projects dreamed up by Taiwanese artists Wang Wen-chih, Jimmy Liao, and Lin Shuen-long are making their debut at two triennial art festivals in Japan this summer.
Ministry Updates
Top theater NGO extends Taipei stay to 2020
The International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT), a leading global network for theater professionals, has announced plans to maintain its headquarters in Taipei for another five years.
Filmmakers mentored by French workshop
Co-organized by the Nantes-based Festival des 3 Continents, a French workshop offering one-to-one training sessions for Taiwanese filmmakers ran from July 28 through 31 as part of the Taipei International Film Festival (TIFF).
Taiwanese choreographer cinches top prize in Spain
Taiwanese choreographer Po-cheng Tsai was awarded first place for contemporary choreography in the 14th edition of the Burgos-New York Choreographic Competition on July 24, beating out six other competitors to cinch the 7,000 euros cash prize.
Cultural Features
Yang Ying-feng was a prolific artist who redefined the sculpture genre for Taiwan towards the end of the 20th century. From the 'East-West Gate' on Wall Street to the 'Heaven-scaling Phoenix' housed by the Beijing Olympic Stadium, his artistic impact can be traced around the globe.
Sculptor | Yang Ying-feng
Li Ang is one of Taiwan's most provocative writers and a female social critic. Her 1983 novel, 'The Butcher’s Wife,' has been released in over 10 different languages, including French, German, and Japanese.
Writer | Li Ang
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