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ISSUE #432
Quai Branly Museum spotlights traditional Taiwanese culture by examining the longstanding practice of burning paper offerings for loved ones in the afterlife.
The "Tattoo COLOR, Tattoo HONOR" exhibition at Museum Siam spotlights the facial and body tattoos of the Taiwanese indigenous Atayal and Paiwan tribes.
"The Ouroboros" is an international joint exhibition that marks the second phase in the 2018-2019 Taiwan-Luxembourg Exchange Program.
Taiwan artist Chou Yu-cheng is one of the 55 international artists who have been invited to participate in the 2019 Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale.
Art Bank Taiwan has partnered up with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Holy See for a special light-themed art show.
Ministry Updates
NOWism — 2019 Taipei Fashion Week SS20
Encompassing fashion shows, global brands, exciting forums, and interdisciplinary exhibitions, the 2019 Taipei Fashion Week SS20 will be held at various venues across Taipei from Oct. 4 through 13 to showcase the versatility and richness of Taiwan's vogue industry and the viewpoints of a new generation of designers.
2019 Culture X Tech Next Forum
"Culture X Tech Next" will take place in Taipei from Oct. 1 to 5. Comprising international seminars, experimental exhibitions, and matchmaking sessions for startups, the five-day forum will cover topics such as immersive experience, somatosensory technology, and blockchain.
2019 Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival
The 2019 Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival has invited overseas groups that perform tradition folk music and dance recognized by UNESCO, as well as prestigious traditional artisans from four different Asian countries. This joint appearance of Asia Pacific's stunning cultural treasures will take place in Yilan County from Oct. 5 to 13.
Cultural Features
The Bulareyaung Dance Company is a contemporary dance group established to discover and develop the talents of Taiwan's indigenous peoples. With aboriginal identity at the group's core, B.D.C showcases indigenous languages and physical prowess through dance and song.
Bulareyaung Dance Company
Arlene Hsing is an author who creates, promotes, researches, and translates children's literature. The majority of her work focuses on Taiwan, touching on issues of multiculturalism, transitional justice, gender equality, local identity, and children's rights.
Children’s Author | Arlene Hsing
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