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ISSUE #142
Transdisciplinary art from Taiwan – the 2016 guest country of Spanish contemporary festival MADATAC – is being offered through exhibitions and concerts in Madrid.
'The Book Garden,' a solo exhibition featuring sculptures made by artist Chen Long-bin from upcycling old books, is being staged at the San Antonio Central Library.
Metallic crafts and jewelry that have received acclaim from Taiwan's premier crafts competition are on display at the National Ornamental Metal Museum of Tennessee.
'The Inspired Island II,' a documentary series on seven eminent writers based in Taiwan and Hong Kong, is now available at Broadway Circuit Palace ifc.
Taiwan's integration of traditional and religious beliefs with modern values is the topic of discussion at an art exhibition hosted by the University of British Columbia.
Ministry Updates
'The Wind Will Still Blow Tomorrow'
To commemorate the centennial birthday of the late artist Lin Chih-chu, who was revered as the foremost authority on eastern gouache paintings in Taiwan, his most memorable works are being shown in Taichung City.
'An Artist's Journey in Ink and Water'
To commemorate the 90th birthday of the late painter and Peking opera enthusiast Wang Nong, the National Museum of History is hosting an exhibition to present the painter's aesthetics and unbridled spirit.
'Keith Haring: Multiplexism'
'Keith Haring: Multiplexism,' the first exhibition in Taiwan dedicated to the iconic American artist, encompasses a total of 133 artworks by the late Haring that have become part of the visual vocabulary of contemporary pop culture.
Cultural Features
A-Sun Wu is a world traveler and a Taiwanese artist whose paintings and sculptures are notable for their primordial and abstract style. He was inducted by the French Ministry of Culture as a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in 1988.
Painter | A-Sun Wu
The STSP Branch Museum, the newest branch of the Taitung-based National Museum of Prehistory, will house items excavated from archaeological sites that were uncovered during the construction of the science park in Tainan.
Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) Branch Museum
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