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ISSUE #245
Award-winning Taiwanese prints celebrating the advent of Chinese New Year are on loan to Novosibirsk State Art Museum in southwest Siberia for this special exhibition.
Taiwanese artist Shake employs unique Taiwanese topography as a metaphor to represent the island's geopolitical history and present condition.
This Los Angeles exhibition features Taiwanese and North American artists and their take on the ocean as a metaphor for things that can both unite and divide.
Explore the beauty of Vietnam's natural beauty through the lens of Taiwanese photographers at this Hanoi exhibition curated by the National Taiwan Museum.
"Hide-and-Seek," a solo exhibition by Taiwan illustrator Page Tsou, has traveled to Pontevedra for a second showing at Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra.
Ministry Updates
Taipei book fair announces guests, nation pavilions
Under the banner "Power of Reading," the 2018 Taipei International Book Exhibition will offer five international forums, ten themed pavilions, and over 500 sessions of book signings, workshops, and promotional events this February.
Taiwan-Japan 'Marimo' exhibition opens in Taipei
To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the discovery of spherical algae in Lake Akan of Japan, the National Taiwan Museum is holding an exhibition to offer a live glimpse of the rare species and commemorate the late botanist who made the discovery.
Taichung uses AR, VR to explore underwater heritage
An exhibition that incorporates AR and VR technology to offer a "tour" of underwater cultural heritage sites is being hosted by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage's Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park.
Cultural Features
UrbanCat is a Golden Melody-winning band that creates songs mainly in the Hakka language. Aiming to transform Hakka and related dialects into contemporary music, the band consistently delivers fresh sounds and reinvents new styles.
Hakka Band | UrbanCat
Lin Lee-chen is the founder and artistic director of Legend Lin Dance Theatre. Inspired by Taiwanese traditions, Lin has created a unique style and brand of aesthetics that represent her personal life as well as the vibrancy of Taiwan.
Choreographer | Lin Lee-chen
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