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ISSUE #466
Ministry Updates
Taipei concert paves way for normalcy with live audiences
For the first time since Taiwan imposed nationwide restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19, the National Symphony Orchestra performed before a live audience on May 24 at the National Concert Hall.
Taiwan’s fine arts history, collections available online
The "Taiwan Art History in the Comics" exhibition is now available as part of the digital edition of the Taipei book fair, inviting art lovers to become immersed in the beauty of Taiwanese culture while sheltering in place.
Green Island hosts special White Terror exhibition
An exhibition on a lesser-discussed "second revolt" that took place at Green Island's New Life Correction Center in the 1950s will run through April 2021 at the island where political dissidents were held in labor camps during the White Terror era.
Taiwan mourns early demise of decorated actor
Taiwan mourns the passing of actor Wu Pong-fong, whose love for the Taiwanese language and efforts in perpetuating its usage were admirable, as well as his impeccable acting that brought the working-class life to the forefront of social consciousness.
Cultural Features
Although nativist poet and children's author Chao Tien-yi has departed, his works act as both mirror and window for reflecting upon a particular era in Taiwan for generations to come through his donations of personal manuscripts and collections of early poetry and publications to the National Museum of Taiwan Literature.
Nativist Poet | Chao Tien-yi
It is essential to keep culture alive in all shapes or forms for future generations to see the progression of a nation's identity. In Taiwan, there are those who have gone the extra mile to safeguard their traditional practices and art forms, and Huang Lan-ye, an expert at the ancient craft of silk tapestry, is one of those admirable individuals.
Silk Tapestry Artist | Huang Lan-ye
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