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ISSUE #175
Taiwan's Artrend Performance Group is featured at the 19th RiAP (Rencontre internationale d'art performance), an international performance art summit.
'KUSO Project,' named after the Taiwanese netizen term for all things outrageous and funny, takes an absurdist approach to the spread of globalization via internet.
The exhibition is part of the Post-Ecolonialism Project, an artist movement aimed at repopulating mountains with native plants after Typhoon Morakot ravaged Taiwan.
A rare glimpse of the weaving of Taiwan's indigenous peoples is being offered by a special exhibition running at the International Museum of Art & Science in Texas.
'Taiwan en la Pantalla,' a film series featuring five Taiwanese films with Spanish subtitles, is hosted by Filmoteca de Andalucía and the Cultural Division in Madrid.
'Extrastellar Evaluations,' a series of works inspired by the lost continent of Lemuria by Taiwanese artist Chen Yin-ju, is currently running at the 2016 Liverpool Biennale.
Ministry Updates
National meeting held to bolster cultural administration
Addressing the conference, the Minister compared the cultivation of culture and heritage to the growth of a sapling. Only by rooting deep and taking in local nutrients can a sapling grow into a large tree that has its own characteristics.
Taiwan Film Institute HQ set for 2020 opening
A formal agreement was made on Sept. 9 to realize a long-standing project of establishing a Taiwan-themed cinema park in New Taipei City. The heart of the park – headquarters of the Taiwan Film Institute – is now earmarked for a 2020 opening.
Grants offered for rural cultural development projects
The 2016 Youth Go! Village Cultural Development Project Competition offers grant money of up to NT$1 million (US$31,500). All local residents and foreign nationals residing in Taiwan aged between 20 and 35 are eligible to apply before Oct. 11, 2016.
Grants offered for Southeast Asian artists
To foster deeper and more diverse collaboration in the arts among the cultural communities of Southeast Asia and Taiwan, a grants program offered by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China will accept proposals through Oct. 31, 2016.
Cultural Features
Xie Yuan-zhang is an innovative craftsman who developed a new method of making rice dough sculptures by adding resin and sculpting techniques to make dough figurines long-lasting and more sculptable.
Rice Dough Sculptor | Xie Yuan-zhang
The Jibei Stone Fish Weirs Preservation Team has made it their objective to restore the disappearing stone fish traps that have become an unofficial symbol of Taiwan's outlying Penghu Islands.
Jibei Stone Fish Weirs Preservation Team
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