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ISSUE #277
Late Japanese scholar Mitsuru Nishikawa's collection of Taiwan-inspired cultural relics is now on view at two museums in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture.
"Tradition in the Near Future" seeks to showcase the contemporary arts, films, and performances inspired by Taiwan's traditional temple fairs.
Taiwan's renowned photographer Shen Chao-liang is holding a solo exhibition on Taiwanese stage-car culture at the Sala Amárica gallery in Vitoria, Spain.
The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is showcasing the significance of the zodiac animals associated with a twelve-year cycle in traditional Chinese culture.
Chin-pao Chen is the first Taiwan artist to be featured by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film's annual exhibition in France.
"Infatuation, Taiwan" features photography that captured historical images on the progress of Taiwan's democracy, freedom, liberty, and modern arts during the 1980s.
Ministry Updates
National heritage forum calls for cultural governance
The 2018 National Cultural Heritage Congress was held on Sept. 1 in Taipei, in which Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chun called for the establishment of a "public governance system that is conducive to cultural preservation from the central government out to local governments."
New Zealand Maori search for roots in Taiwan
On Aug. 29, a group of elders and young people from the Maori tribe of Ngāti Manu visited the National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung, giving a performance of traditional song and dance in honor of their hosts, as Taiwan has long been considered the ancestral homeland of the Polynesian peoples, including the Maori of New Zealand.
Cultural Features
Laha Mebow is Taiwan's first female aboriginal film director. She has been working in film and television for almost 18 years, and her portfolio of short documentaries and dramas focuses on indigenous themes and culture.
Director | Laha Mebow
Chu Tai-li is an Italy-based soprano and music educator. Her stellar resume encompasses a number of vocal music competition awards and several years spent as a professional vocalist for Italian operas and concert halls.
Soprano | Chu Tai-li
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