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ISSUE #549
"Wet Networks" features artifacts and commissioned projects from "Geek Camp 2021: Neversink Never Ever" at the Watershed Gallery, Queens Museum from Oct. 30 to Jan. 30, 2022. The exhibition is supported by the Taipei Cultural Center in New York, mainly organized by the Queens Museum and presented in partnership with Rhizome and CycleX.
The Taiwanese-Finnish joint exhibition "Winds of Change" curated by Taiwanese ceramicist Chang Ching-yuan will take place at the KWUM Studio Ceramics Museum and Gallery in Finland from Nov. 4 to March 31, 2022 to present art pieces by 20 Taiwanese artists.
Under the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Council of Indigenous Peoples, Australia's 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art will be presenting "Between Earth and Sky: Indigenous Contemporary Art from Taiwan" at the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art from Dec. 4 until April 25, 2022.
Ministry Updates
Late composer Tseng Chung-ying awarded citation
In recognition of his contributions to Taiwanese music, Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te conferred a posthumous presidential citation upon late composer Tseng Chung-ying, on behalf of President Tsai Ing-wen in a memorial service on Jan. 5. Tseng's elder son, Tseng Ying-feng, received the citation on his behalf.
TFAI celebrates grand opening of new landmark
With the mission of restoring and promoting the collection of audiovisual assets, the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute officially opens on Jan. 7. Those present at the opening ceremony included President Tsai Ing-wen, Premier Su Tseng-chang, Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te and Mayor of New Taipei City Hou Yu-ih.
Event held to celebrate 300th anniversary of Liugdui
The Hakka Affairs Department of Pingtung County Government held an event at Gaoshu Township on Dec. 26 to commemorate the 300th anniversary since the establishment of Liugdui, the collective name for the Hakka community in the Kaohsiung and Pingtung area, in 1721.
Cultural Features
Lin Hsiao-wei's contribution to the field of industrial heritage conservation is mainly based on three fronts. She has conducted research projects on the preservation and reuse of industrial heritage, introduced international preservation concepts, and promoted policy-making regarding domestic industrial culture heritage preservation.
Industrial Heritage Conservationist | Lin Hsiao-wei
Ray Chen hopes to attract young people to classical music through social media and expand the audience of the genre, and so far, he has amassed more than two million followers on SoundCloud alone. In particular, his self-produced series of humorous and educational YouTube videos are proof of the effectiveness of this approach. He has even become the first ever classical musician to be invited to write a regular blog about his life as a touring soloist for the largest Italian publishing house, RCS Rizzoli. In his unstinting efforts to break down barriers between classical music, fashion, and pop culture, he is supported by Giorgio Armani and was recently featured in Vogue magazine.
Violinist | Ray Chen
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