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ISSUE #478
The four-week "Where I'm Coming From" virtual exhibition, from Aug. 3 to 30, will be showcasing the works of three Taiwanese artist Chen Yun-ling, Chen Kuan-yu, and Chiu Pao-chen, exploring identity issues, homeland memories, and relationships.
The "Impression Taiwan" film festival will be held online on Aug. 21 through 30, and feature nine films from Taiwanese indigenous wildlife, contemporary homosexual issues, to unique genre of martial arts, and award-winning Taiwanese films.
The annual "2020 Taiwan Movie Screening & Talk show" in Japan will be held from August through November online, and will feature current Taiwan films, films that came out within the last two years, that have yet to be screened in Japan.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan grieves the passing of historian Chuang Yung-ming
Culture Minister mourns the passing of one of the most informative Taiwanese historians and a prolific writer Chuang Yung-ming. Chuang was also a big fan of Taiwan's traditional folk songs and a connoisseur of cultural relics and artifacts.
Australia to showcase Taiwan 1970s and 1980s images
Australian National University to showcase images of Taiwan captured during 1970s and 1980s in "Wayfaring: Photography in 1970s-80s Taiwan" exhibition. The exhibition can manifest to the audience Taiwan's democratization achievements and is also tribute to those who have contributed to Taiwan's democratization.
Cartoonist Loïc Hsiao wins GCA Special Contribution Award
Cartoonist Loïc Hsiao, whose creative comics are praised to have reflected collective memory shared by generations, was named the recipient of 11th Golden Comic Awards' Special Contribution Award.
Cultural Features
Riverbed Theatre, an experimental theater group, has been astonishing audiences since its 1998 show "Scorched Rice." Taking as its creative concept the "theater of images," the troupe spans the visual and performing arts worlds. Their "Just for You" project has captured wide attention, marking a series of experiments that brings together exhibition and performance.
"TaiwanEYE—Online Showcase" | Riverbed Theatre
TAI Body Theatre was founded in 2012 by Truku choreographer Watan Tusi, and are known for focusing on the integration of body and sound, and drawing upon elements of Truku dance. TAI Body Theatre also touches on topics such as indigenous literature, bodies, and musics, as well as contemporary aboriginal situations and environmental conflicts.
"TaiwanEYE—Online Showcase" | TAI Body Theatre
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