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ISSUE #166
Four Taiwanese groups are performing at the 2016 OFF Festival d'Avignon under the theme 'Vibrant Arts' to celebrate Taiwan's tenth year of participation in the festival.
A rare glimpse of the weaving of Taiwan's indigenous peoples is being offered by a special exhibition running at the International Museum of Art & Science in Texas.
'Extrastellar Evaluations,' a series of works inspired by the lost continent of Lemuria by Taiwanese artist Chen Yin-ju, is currently running at the 2016 Liverpool Biennale.
'Re: Made in Taiwan' at the 15th Venice Biennale delves into the eco-friendly aspirations and civic possibilities imbued in ordinary buildings and venues.
Ministry Updates
Landmark amendment passes legislative reading
A draft amendment to the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act has passed its third reading in the Legislative Yuan. The amendment is the most comprehensive of its kind since the Act was enacted in 1982.
'A Beautiful Mistake?'
A group exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts will attempt to persuade viewers to evaluate their concept of 'digital art' through a combination of contemporary installations and immersive displays.
2017 Open Call: Rainbow Initiative
This program will subsidize plans for multinational and multi-disciplinary collaborative cultural projects. Applications for proposals seeking funding in amounts between NT$1 million and NT$10 million are welcomed.
Cultural Features
Suming Rupi and his music are deeply inspired by his hometown in Taitung and the local indigenous culture. He has written songs entirely in his mother tongue – the Amis language.
Singer | Suming
Tai Gu Tales Dance Theatre is a Taipei-based troupe that aims to explore the connection between life and nature through body movement based on eastern philosophy.
Tai Gu Tales Dance Theatre
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