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ISSUE #487
The 2020 Taiwan Literature Festival in Tokyo, an annual event showcasing works of Taiwanese poets and writers, will cast light on works from Yang Mu and Lo Fu, two late towering figures who have profound impact on Taiwan's literary scene.
Taiwanese artist Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang's photographic series "The Mother as a Creator" will be showcasing at the annual Photoville Festival, a New York City-based photography festival that runs from Sept. 17 to Nov. 29.
Under the theme "Life and Vitality of Indigenous Taiwan," online platform "Taiwan Showcase" will present eight Taiwanese indigenous performing arts groups and partake in the 2020 Western Arts Alliance Conference.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank website launch
The Ministry of Culture officially launched the website "Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank," which is designed to preserve and promote local knowledge and offer the public a free access to Taiwan's rich heritage, on Oct. 17.
The 11th Golden Comic Awards roundup
Comic fans are invited to celebrate the artistic achievements of comic creators, as the ceremony of the 11th Golden Comic Awards (GCAs) will be made available on television. The ceremony kicked off with a showcase of characters from the nominated comics.
Taiwanese comic artists win awards at KyoMAF
Four Taiwanese comic artists – Gene, LawRen, rgreen551, and KUN have won awards at this year's Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair, an international competition for aspiring creators and manga artists from around the world.
Cultural Features
Chen Chi-tsun's woodcarving artworks can be seen in notable temples across southern Taiwan and have been on display at home and abroad. Chen never ceases to incorporate modern elements, western oil painting techniques, and sketching methods with the tradition art forms, bringing woodcarving to new heights.
Woodcarving Artist | Chen Chi-tsun
The Museum of Archaeology, Tainan Branch of the National Museum of Prehistory officially opened in 2019. The museum, designed by Taiwanese architect Kris Yao, covers an area of 2.44 hectares, with a lower level and four upper levels. The design presented the concept of exploring downward, introspecting, and interweaving the past with the present.
Museum of Archaeology
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