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ISSUE #243
'Hide-and-Seek,' a solo exhibition by Taiwan illustrator Page Tsou, has traveled to Pontevedra for a second showing at Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra.
'What Do You See?' features seven up-and-coming Taiwanese artists on the subject of reality and the ways people interpret the world through sight and language.
Award-winning Taiwanese prints celebrating the advent of Chinese New Year are on loan to Novosibirsk State Art Museum in southwest Siberia for this special exhibition.
Taiwanese artist Shake employs unique Taiwanese topography as a metaphor to represent the island's geopolitical history and present condition.
This Los Angeles exhibition features Taiwanese and North American artists and their take on the ocean as a metaphor for things that can both unite and divide.
Ministry Updates
National languages act passes Executive Yuan review
The draft Development Act of National Languages, which proposes allocating equal resources to spotlight the uniqueness of each language used in Taiwan, was passed by the Executive Yuan on Jan. 4 and will now be submitted to the Legislative Yuan.
Literature museum unveils interactive game challenge
The National Museum of Taiwan Literature in Tainan is offering a multimedia exhibition for museum-goers to solve literary-themed puzzles and take on role-playing games on seven challenge levels.
New Year prints exhibition opens in Taichung
As Lunar New Year prints are traditional and festive decorations symbolizing good luck and a fresh start, Taichung's National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is holding an exhibition featuring Chinese zodiac-themed prints to celebrate the Year of the Dog.
Cultural Features
Shen Xue-yong is a renowned vocalist and pioneering music educator who played an influential role in Taiwan's development of modern music since 1956. She has also toured Europe, Japan, and the U.S. as a vocalist. Shen's lifelong dedication to fostering music talent earned her the National Award for Arts in 1995.
Music Educator | Shen Xue-yong
Led by Ho Hsiao-mei, a choreographer praised as 'master in creating surrealist imagination,' MeimageDance Troupe delivers strong visual effects and dynamic body movement based on Taiwanese culture. The troupe also invites prominent dancers overseas to return to Taiwan for creation, performance, and exchanges.
MeimageDance Troupe
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