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ISSUE #485
Hong Kong | Oct. 9 – Nov. 22
Ciao! Taiwan Arts Festival
Taiwanese conceptual artist Lee Ming-wei will be presenting his interactive exhibition at the Center Pompidou-Metz in France until Oct. 18, on the special occasion of the 10th founding anniversary of the Center.
The 2020 Tian Kong Music Festival featuring Taiwanese and Malaysian artists are now online through Oct. 28, with artists bringing rock, alternative, R&B, jazz-rock, Taiwanese electronic, and folk music performances every Wednesday night.
Four Taiwanese artists are set to present a collaborative media art project at CYNETART, an international festival of media art on selected days from October through December in Dresden, Germany.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan VR film wins top honor at NewImages Festival
"Bodyless," a martial law era-inspired virtual reality piece directed by Taiwanese new media artist Hsin-chien Huang, won the Masque d'or (Golden Mask) Grand Prize at the 2020 NewImages Festival Awards in Paris on Sept. 25.
Memorial Gallery exhibits Taiwan fine arts history
The Li Mei-shu Memorial Gallery is presenting the "The Blooming Age: A Tale of Three Countries" exhibition, featuring paintings by late Japanese painter Kinichiro Ishikawa, works by his mentor British artist Alfred East, and Ishikawa's many renown Taiwanese students, including Li Mei-shu.
Minister Lee visits restored historical sites in Hsinchu
Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te visited the Japanese colonial era historical site "Imperial Japanese Sixth Navy Fuel Factory," and former Shinchiku Prefecture Library in Hsinchu city, to assess the current preservation and restoration status.
Cultural Features
Gilegilau Pavalius (also known by his Chinese name Xie Shui-Neng ) is a double-tube nose-flute performer, maker, and composer of music for nose-flute of the indigenous Paiwan tribe. To the Paiwan people, nose-flute is emblematic of hundred-pace viper, a creature regarded as the guardian of the tribe in tribal mythology.
Paiwan Nose Flute Musician | Gilegilau Pavalius
After many years of effort, the Dacun Towship Xinxing Community in Changhua has become a success story of agricultural transformation and a demonstration of community spirit. Dedicating efforts in sustainable rural development, the community association has also organized services, and courses to improve quality of life of the residents.
Xinxing Community Development Association
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