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ISSUE #154
A film festival celebrating the accomplishments and struggles of women in Taiwan is taking place across New York City to showcase 6 Taiwan-made films in 7 screenings.
Cloud Gate is bringing 'Rice,' the human drama of environmental devastation and resurrection told through the life cycle of the humble crop plant, to Paris and Lyon.
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo is host to a two-month show focusing on exchanges between Taiwan and Japan in the realms of cuisine, art, and culture.
Long Beach Museum of Art is host to an innovative exhibition featuring Taiwanese artists who evolve their creative practice in line with rapid advances in technology.
Taiwanese artist Wang Yu-chen is featured in 'The Imitation Game,' an ongoing exhibition in Manchester exploring machine imitation of human thought.
The 20th Biennale of Sydney has selected a total of 83 artists, including six from Taiwan, to showcase forward-thinking artworks in Australia.
Ministry Updates
Kaohsiung landmark close to completion
The National Wei-Wu-Ying Performing Arts Center, an upcoming world-class architectural landmark and cultural hub based in the southern metropolis of Kaohsiung, is expected to be fully operational by 2017.
Creative expo to offer best of Taiwan design
Creative Expo Taiwan (CET), the largest trade fair to present the unique lifestyle and values of Taiwan, has returned on April 20 to promote a diverse range of creative products at three venues in Taipei through April 24.
'One of a Kind'
'One of a Kind: the Legacy of Lin Chao-ying and His Family,' a special exhibition on a Qing-era scholar and his lasting influence on southern Taiwan, is now available for viewing at the National Museum of Taiwan History.
'The Wind Will Still Blow Tomorrow'
To commemorate the centennial birthday of the late artist Lin Chih-chu, who was revered as the foremost authority on eastern gouache paintings in Taiwan, the Taichung-based NTMOFA is currently showcasing his most memorable works.
Cultural Features
Dr. Chen Chi-lu, the first-generation cultural helmsman of post-war Taiwan, was one of the most qualified and prestigious anthropologists of his era.
Anthropologist | Chen Chi-lu
Benson Tsai is a Taiwanese choreographer who is widely seen as one of the most promising young choreographers in the world, having earned accolades from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, and the United States.
Choreographer | Benson Tsai
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