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ISSUE #267
For the 2018 tour of Spain, Hung Dance is stage their award-winning work "Birdy" in the regions of Castilla-Leon and Valencia for a total of thirteen performances.
The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles is presenting a special exhibition on Taipei and Los Angeles that explore the issues of limited space in densely populated urban areas.
Taiwanese paintings, wood sculptures, artisanal jewelry, and photography are now on display in Berlin under the banner of "Mountains, Trees, Flowers, Birds."
The historic Twin Oaks estate, one of the most iconic witnesses to Taiwan-US relations, is hosting a special art exhibition by young Taiwanese artists.
Video installation artist Yuan Goang-ming is being showcased by the Southbank Centre's Hayward Gallery as part of the gallery's 50th anniversary celebrations.
Kang Muxiang, maker of giant steel installations by upcycling elevator cables, is the featured artist at the summer showcase of the Garment District Plazas in Manhattan.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan launches 3D models of heritage sites
The Taiwan Digital Asset Library hopes to revitalize Taiwan's heritage by not only constructing 3D models of cultural sites and landscapes for research and preservation, but also for augmented and virtual reality applications in the animation, comic, and games (ACG) sectors.
Taiwan releases documentaries on indigenous treasures
The National Taiwan University played host to the premieres of two documentaries dealing with the revival of indigenous relics in Taiwan. These screenings aim to inspire more dialogue, discussion, and understanding on the preservation and revitalization of Taiwanese indigenous cultures.
Taiwan-Japan photography exhibition opens in Taichung
The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is spotlighting pictures taken by famous Taiwanese and international photographers mainly before they turned 35 in this joint exhibition with Japan's Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts running through Sept. 16 in Taichung City.
To solicit public views and ideas on cultural heritage preservation for the upcoming National Cultural Heritage Congress in September, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage held a forum gathering heritage professionals and members of the local community in Kaohsiung City. 
Cultural Features
Banana-fiber weaving is unique to the Taiwanese tribe of Kavalan. Only a material as small but strong as banana fiber could weather the ravages of time as it does, and it is that strength that has helped it tie the tribe's past and its present so tightly.
Hualien Kavalan Development Association
Tsai Kun-lin is a White Terror victim who helped publish comics despite Taiwan's authoritarian environment from 1949 to 1987. He was recognized with the 2018 Golden Comic Special Contribution Award for his dedication to arts and human rights. 
Publisher | Tsai Kun-lin
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