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ISSUE #501
Taiwan | Jan. 24 – May 30
Modern Journey of 1935
The Longci Light Festival, with the theme of "natural revival" based on a local legend, will feature 12 teams organized by artists, comic artists, and members of the local community to present 14 pieces of giant light art pieces.
Taiwanese contemporary sculpture artist Hong Yi will simultaneously hold solo exhibitions at Taipei 101 in Taiwan, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Spain, and Artspace K in Hong Kong through Feb. 28.
The 2021 Taiwan International Light Festival (TILF) will take place at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) in Taichung from Feb. 6 through Mar. 28.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan Literature Base officially opens
The Taipei-based Taiwan Literature Base (TLB), intended as a hub and platform for literary production and exchange of ideas among literary creators, was officially inaugurated on Jan. 18.
NTMFA to present sculpture by Huang Tu-shui
The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMFA) held an unboxing ceremony for the sculpture of "Teijiro Yamamoto" by artist Huang Tu-shui, an important figure in Taiwanese art history.
President Tsai launches book reading campaign
President Tsai Ing-wen launched a book reading campaign on Facebook, encouraging the public to purchase and read books in support of Taiwan's unrestrained and diverse publishing industry. Photo courtesy of President Tsai Ing-wen's Facebook.
Cultural Features
Sung Tse-lai achieved considerable fame as a young man, winning numerous awards, and known as one of the most iconic writers of Taiwan's nativist literature of the 1970s.
Writer | Sung Tse-lai
An actor, writer, director, and composer, Tseng Chung-ying has composed hundreds of koa-á-hì pieces over the decades, many of which continue to be performed by troupes around Taiwan. Tseng wrote a new page in the history of the art form with accomplishments few could possibly match.
Composer | Tseng Chung-ying
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