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ISSUE #477
Four Taiwan dance troupes will be showcasing Taiwan's vibrant creativity at the online Edinburgh Festival Fringe. From August 4 to 28, "Connecting with Taiwan," a series of in-depth talks under "Taiwan Season," will highlight four Taiwan productions.
In collaboration with the C.F. Koo Foundation, the Ministry of Culture initiated the "TaiwanEYE Online Showcase" project to help promote 10 Taiwanese performing arts troupes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The annual "2020 Taiwan Movie Screening & Talk show" in Japan will be held from August through November online, and will feature current Taiwan films, films that have yet to be screened in Japan.
Ministry Updates
Minister offers condolences on the passing of poet Yen Shang
Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te offers his condolences on the passing of Yen Shang, a renowned poet known for his eight-line poems and words that paint a social-realistic picture of Taiwan. The Chiayi-born poet is regarded as one of the most representative nativist poets in the nation.
Meet the winners of the 2020 Golden Tripod Awards
The Ministry of Culture (MOC) announced the winners of the 44th Golden Tripod Awards for Publications on Aug. 4. This year's special contribution award was honored to Ho Fei-peng, a prominent publisher who is currently chairman of the publishing group Cite Publishing Ltd.
National Taiwan Museum brings dinosaurs to life
An immersive experience that brings dinosaurs to life using AR is now available at National Taiwan Museum. The program uses the technology to show visitors how skin and muscle would have looked over the bones, and how the ancient reptiles would have moved, transporting viewers back to the Mesozoic Era.
Cultural Features
Acclaimed Taiwanese photographer Ko Si-chi strove to capture everyday scenes through a photographer's subjective emotions, creating emotional exchanges with the viewer. Ko's photography works, described to be almost like a painting, has a profound and lasting impact on modern Taiwanese photography.
Photographer | Ko Si-chi
Renown photographer Ko Si-chi has been called "Taiwan's first modern photographer." His unique "mindscapes" employed precise techniques and aesthetics to communicate poetic sentiments with the essence of painting, earning him an irreplaceable position in the photography world.
Editor’s Pick | The Mindscapes of Ko Shi-chi
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